Book Your Session:

Please send an email to: pete@bentinhomassaro

Sessions are done through Skype, or in person for those in Boulder.

Session length: 50 minutes.

Cost: Introductory session is $75 to make it easy to experience what Pete offers and how he works first hand. Additional sessions are $95.

Pete James' Bio:

Spiritual seeking began very early for me. I was raised a "Born-again Christian", and as a young boy I struggled to understand what seemed like deep conflict in the message I was receiving from my elders. This early confusion was the catalyst that made my life experience one of extreme contrast, from deep suffering to beyond Bliss.

When I was eighteen I read the "Celestine Prophecy" book series and for the first time had a real sense that life was what I chose it to be, based on my attitude towards it. I began to make steps towards a consistently conscious way of interacting and taking responsibility for my experience. 

In 2006 the text, "A Course in Miracles" showed up and became my main source for spiritual understanding for the next six years. Then in February of 2013, I went to my first "spiritual teacher" meeting and met Bentinho. I went to every meeting of his I could after that, which was pretty much every Saturday and Tuesday. Often he would invite people to dinner after the meetings and that's where our friendship began.

My take on facilitation:

In these sessions, my aim is to allow you to realize greater clarity on whatever it is you are struggling with or challenged by. I would love to assist you in unwinding your mind’s ideas and realizing your already perfect nature and help you live in greater and more deliberate alignment with your Higher Self on an everyday basis.

We can explore where you might be short-circuiting your creation and empowerment process or bring to light how you are unconsciously lowering your frequency, so that you can then have choice once again and empower yourself into an expanded sense of freedom, connected to infinite possibilities. 

If you would like to realize the emptiness of self or go deeply beyond the conventional realms of consciousness and identity, I would also be delighted and able to assist you in that direction of Self-Realization.

I hope that by the end of each session, you feel clearer, more realized in the vastness of your infinite being, more balanced, confident, happier, more grateful for your life as it is and more excited about the life you are presently in process of attracting to yourself.