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Sessions are done through Skype, or in person for those in Sedona.

Session length: 50 minutes.

Cost: Introductory single sessions are $133 to make it easy to experience what Ryan offers and how he works first hand. Additional sessions and packages can then be discussed to customize the most relevant fit for you, which enable the exploration of a progression of themes and deeper consistency and acceleration week to week.

Ryan brings 20+ years of deep meditative practice, personal development training/coaching and personal experience with Bentinho’s teachings to each session. His sessions provide personalized attention, clarification, and facilitation on effectively integrating the teachings of Bentinho Massaro and having an epic life.

Bentinho Massaro on private sessions with Ryan:

Ryan Brown was already an awesomely awake being when I first met him 5 years ago, but has ever since soaked himself in my teachings which he says is now his preferred paradigm of seeing and experiencing the world, understanding himself, and the main practice by which he continues to expand upon his own Consciousness and the foundation for his coaching sessions.

In addition to being fearlessly open and willing to continue his own expansion, he is very good at meeting people wherever they are at on the journey and understanding from personal experience what they are going through and what they might want to accelerate into next, and how to do it most efficiently. He has a lot of first-hand experience with all kinds of spiritual (and human) backgrounds as well as with practicing my teachings over the past 5 years, and as such has an unparalleled ability to rephrase and clarify my teachings to people from all walks of life, without deviating much, if at all, from the concepts that I teach, but instead adds clarity by simple examples and everyday analogies.

The results, as those who have worked with him one on one within the context of my teachings can attest to, have always been way beyond what was expected. I therefore highly recommend booking time with him in the form of a private session.

– Bentinho

More about Ryan:

After receiving his degree in Psychology, Ryan spent the next two decades traveling and exploring Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, mystic and personal development communities around the globe, looking past the dogma and connecting to the thread that weaves through them all. During many of these years, 4 1/2 of which were spent in the Indian countryside, he was largely living a monastic lifestyle steeped in meditation, nature, community development and inner landscape explorations/awakenings. Upon his return to the US, Ryan incorporated this inner orientation with the relational aspects of life. He owned a successful marketing company, as well as worked and facilitated for organizations in the realms of "authentic relating", present-moment relational practice and transformational workshops. He now serves Bentinho's community full-time through private sessions and facilitation at retreats and within the Trinfinity Academy.

“Ryan has a true gift in being present, reflective and shining light into the dark crevices of the unconscious. Through his clarity he helped me see areas where I had limiting beliefs about what was possible for me and how I wanted to create my reality. His insights provided me with new perspectives through which to view my life and what I desired to create. His nature is gentle, genuine, kind and passionate. He clearly loves assisting others through facilitating greater knowing of themselves. I highly recommend his work for anyone who wants to integrate who they know themselves to be into their physical, everyday life.”


"I am starting to feel like I am gaining wisdom from Ryan without any words being spoken. There is a knowing that he has that I am searching for and I can feel it. There are multiple instance where I feel like I have completely understood what Ryan is saying before he finishes what he is telling me. It feels like he is just transferring knowledge to me through vibrations and my being is feeling that even before I am able to make sense of the words that he is saying."


"I highly recommend private sessions with Ryan. Watching Ben’s videos is one thing, but digging through limitations, problems, stressful situations on a daily basis with Ryan’s support and guidance cannot be overestimated. With his full understanding and great patience to my ignorance Ryan has helped me understand the theory better and put it into practice; these sessions help me stay in the loop and make me exercise the way I see life/ things. And thanks to this, things are really moving forward much faster. Thanks Ryan!"


"After [my latest session with Ryan] I felt very confident in my own ability to remain confident. Seeing my [health issue] as a guidance tool chosen by myself to continue my growth towards my highest good has really changed something for me. One thing I have noticed is a sort of 3 day process occurring. After our talk, I committed to feeling super positive about my [health issue] and not seeing it as an oppressor, but rather a catalyst of pure goodness (day 1). The next night, I slept over at a friends house and woke up to find [health issue massively flared up] so today I got to experience the first day back at school my senior year with [massive flare up] to the point where walking hurt and people giving me confused looks (day 2); normally this circumstance (which I have attracted many times) leaves me in my bedroom in a deep depression, or at best a teeth grinding tolerance, but today the only real discomfort I felt was physical, and I was able to continue to cultivate joy and excitement regardless of my circumstances, so I am proud of myself!"

"Just want you to know after my awesome session with you last month, I succeeded in manifesting an outstanding upgrade, and will move into my new home before this month is complete. Excited and grateful, even as I dip into overwhelm concerning all that needs to get done yet!…. So much more than I imagined Ryan! Thank you, Ryan and Bentinho!"