Free Videos of Meetings, Retreats and Teachings

Bentinho has published over 155 videos, accounting for more than 125 hours of free viewing! To make it easier on you, we have categorized all the videos according to their corresponding teaching:

  • Always Already Present (Level of Creation – Presence/Awareness) – Easy and Obvious
  • Beyond Experiencing (Level of The Creator – Source/The One) – Most Subtle
  • Empowered Consciousness (Level of Creating – Bliss/The Individual) – Most Embodied

We have also grouped together videos that belong together as part of a retreat, and made a separate section for the interviews. All of this can be accessed through the menu on your left.

To subscribe to Bentinho’s YouTube Channel, click the button below, and once on the YouTube page, click ‘Subscribe’ next to Bentinho’s name:
Bentinho’s YouTube Channel



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