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Sessions are done via Zoom video.

Session length: 60 minutes. Additional sessions or longer sessions available at Annie's discretion at the same rate of $250 per hour.

Cost: Sessions are potent and concentrated; the cost is currently $250 per hour.



Annie Hart’s Bio:

Annie’s heart is constantly drawn into stillness. To her, stillness/presence/silence is an actual live, love affair with the what she calls the Beloved. Her affection and attention is there in the background while there is activity going on, and a lot of times, when there is not much going on, it’s completely there.

In her own words:

“You know, people often ask me — Annie, what’s your daily experience of life like now…and what naturally comes out is that I live in a constant state of peace, ease and flow. It’s like there’s nothing that really gets to me… I mean it registers, but it does not cause suffering.

Most of my days are filled with doing sessions with people, where I intuitively look into what’s going on in their lives, to help them through the process of clearing conditioned patterns and helping with the growth and deepening of their awareness of, the direct experience of What/Who they are. I sleep only a few hours a day and pretty much every waking moment of my days is spent assisting people in this way, through one on one sessions, in small group settings and in my offering of satsang, both online and in mini-retreat settings.

Action that happens feels effortless, is not tiring, it’s energizing to me and deeply fulfilling. The longing of my heart is to set people free, to see who they are – to take them by the hand and bring them into the direct experience, the direct felt sense of this passionate Love that is constantly inviting them into deeper and deeper communion with That.”

“Annie is a close friend and team member of Bentinho Massaro’s organization. She has taught alongside him in the past, and teaches as part of the Trinfinity Umbrella. Her teachings are oriented most toward the unwinding of the person identity, so it can skillfully rest into the greater presence of God/Life/Awareness.”

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