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Sessions are done through Skype or Messenger Chat, in English or Norwegian.

Session length: 50 minutes.

Cost: Introductory session is $95 to make it easy to experience what Bard offers and how he works first hand. Additional sessions are $123.




Bård Sandring Storø's Bio:

Hey, I am Bård, a transformational coach working with devoted adepts. To assist adepts in stepping up to their highest potential is my greatest joy.

As a curious little boy I spent most of my time playing in the treetops with the wild animals, and staring into the sky, contemplating. Most of my peers couldn't join me into the depths of my thoughts. 

As soon as I attended my first retreat, I was sold. I gave away my dog, got initiated with a new name and went to all the retreats I could. In the same timeframe I studied organic farming, grew my own vegetables, and chanted mantras around the fire in my teepee. I also lived in caves and cabins in the mountains because I really wanted to be as good as I could to the environment/planet. 

After several years of that life, I found Bentinho. His teachings truly rocked my world, by allowing myself to be myself more than ever before. He set me free. After coming to a place of profound gratitude towards life as a whole, the only thing that is left is to devote myself to serving others.

I would love to assist you in Upgrading your life & Accelerating your crystallization by helping you to:

-Clarify your path so you can move forward with confidence.

-Step up / take on more free-will-mass so you can help more people and purify yourself more effectively

-Understand & apply Bentinho’s teachings 

-Dismantle your limiting beliefs. 

-Give up the struggle so you can relax and be free to move once again. 

When I look back on my life, I have always been actively and persistently seeking what I perceived to be the highest, and I encourage you to do the same. Now that highest is to serve those who are truly ready, by accelerating their journey through the roof!

If you want to know more about me, feel free to take a look at my Facebook page.