Combined coaching
with Bentinho and/or Anurag for
influential and/or wealthy individuals

Private sessions with Bentinho Massaro and/or Anurag Gupta are reserved for people with great influence and/or wealth who wish to know themselves, awaken to the truth of Existence, align themselves with their highest calling, and leverage their influence for humanity’s benefit.

In addition to one-on-one coaching with Bentinho, we are also offering a joint option in which you will receive coaching from both Anurag Gupta and Bentinho. Anurag and Bentinho often co-lead smaller exclusive retreats for highly committed individuals, and their combined influence has a synergistic effect on the audience.

This combined coaching option also ensures that one of them will most likely be available whenever you need coaching in the moment. With this option, the best of two already highly-distilled worlds is combined in a truly masterful way.

“Anurag and I  guarantee that there is nothing like this out there. I do not intend this as a statement of arrogance, but as a statement of observation, based on over 45 years of our combined experience with intense learning, teaching, coaching and meeting others in these fields. There is nothing as effective and immediate as this combination when it comes to living a truly aligned, spiritually AND practically empowered, legitimately awakened and even transcendent life. Become fit to make the difference for others while being deeply fulfilled yourself.

You’ll be faced with two alchemists who have nothing but the highest version of you in their minds; it is the end of ‘you’ as you know yourself to be. This alchemy will be tailored to your unique needs and deepest intentions (which are often yet to be fully revealed to yourself). It will be delivered with a ‘no-nonsense policy’ toward your tendency to bullshit yourself, yet with great love and respect throughout. And who knows, we might even have a lot of fun together. Because why not.” — Bentinho Massaro

Become something worthy of being remembered for generations to come. Contribute to an awakened, healthy and happy civilization by 2035.

A few notes

  • There are only two to five longer-term private slots currently available. These are reserved for people who are high-influence, high net-worth, or are otherwise in an established position to aid us in making THE difference (not just a difference) for everyone.

  • You may request a one-time session, but we recommend developing a longer-term training and coaching relationship. The results of long-term trajectories tend to be more profound, transformative, game-changing and fun. We suggest a 6-month term.

  • Please understand that if you are interested in this, either your commitment to our mission must be sincere, or your financial contribution to empower our mission must be greater in value than the benefit Bentinho and/or Anurag could generate themselves with the same amount of time and energy. This will be determined in a preliminary interview once you have made it through the initial screening.

  • You must desire to transform yourself (“empty your cup”) and make a true difference for the world (be committed to service to others), as well as be aligned to our mission for an enlightened civilization and a healthy, happy planet by 2035.

  • Whether you keep this coaching relationship/influence private or public is up to you. We will honor this decision on our end according to your wishes.


Although the majority of coaching will occur online or by phone, Bentinho and/or Anurag are open to meet with you in person, depending on what you can bring to the table in terms of global transformation and/or the financing of our projects, as well as how aligned you feel to our mission in general.


Request private training & coaching

To request private training and coaching by Bentinho and/or Anurag, contact us using the link below and tell us about yourself and your background. Please include: proof of social influence  (if applicable), and which of the following criteria you meet (1, 2 and/or 3). You must meet at least one of the following criteria to apply. More than one is preferred:

  1. You are well-known/famous and have a large following.

  2. You have a high degree of influence due to your position or line of work, and your daily decisions affect the lives of many.

  3. Money is not an issue for you and you would love to contribute significantly in exchange for receiving the exclusive attention of Bentinho and/or Anurag.

Serious applications only. Less than a handful of applicants will be selected. Apply while the handful of slots are still open.

All inquiries we receive—whether accepted or rejected—will be handled with great confidentiality by our core team. We directly appreciate and understand the importance and sensitivity of privacy for influential people.

As long as we feel your application is legitimate and sincere, we will get back to you within two weeks of receiving your application.

With great joy for (y)our evolution, we look forward to working together for the greater good of all by up-leveling and streamlining your unique expression of the Divine in this world.

Bentinho Massaro and Anurag Gupta