“Even as a child, growing up in Holland, Bentinho Massaro had a deep conviction in the endless possibilities of our consciousness.”

About Bentinho Massaro, by Janet Marchant:

Bentinho Massaro is a different kind of being. You could say he is Extra-Ordinary—having integrated the "extra”—or non-physical—levels of his being into his human experience. He calls this True Simultaneity, and he claims we can all learn to expand and live in this way.

Although already fairly awake, aware of spirituality in general, and generally ‘bright’ in spirit since he was born, it wasn’t until the age of around 16, that Bentinho’s search for Enlightenment really started to pick up in both speed and intensity of the desire to seek and “find the Source of all of existence,” as he put it to himself at that time.

At the age of 18 he had his first memorable shift in consciousness. He experientially saw that the presence he had been looking for was always already here. Ever since this first and introductory ‘shift into enlightenment’ he has been riding the waves of an intensely awakened life. 

For as long as he can remember, he always had a knack for teaching whatever it was he was fascinated by at the time. He had a good ability to guide, lead and instruct. After his initial awakening at 18, his sharings online started to shift from a more traditional yogic point of view, into a view more comparable to the teachings found in Dzogchen—which is based in the understanding that the natural State of Emptiness-Awareness-Bliss is always already at the root of each experience. Bentinho’s slogan at the time became ‘Always Already Present.’

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Ever since this initial awakening and the start of a more public appearance around the age of 19, he has thrown himself at life from as many different angles as he deemed relevant to explore, mimicking what most human beings go through in their daily lives, in order to know the human condition from the inside out and with the intention to distill from these experiences the most direct possible access points to freedom and empowerment from within each of these main, human dynamics. In this way, he hoped to make this path digestible and experiential for the average joe, provided that average joe is interested enough in freedom from their own imagined limitations enough to study some teachings and apply practices.

This roller coaster ride of experiences which he allowed to come into his world in order to dissect them from the inside out, as well as several significant deepenings in his own Self-Realization over the years, always rubbed off on his teachings—whose evolution has been apparent to many who’ve been around the ‘spiritual block’ for some time.

Some have condemned him for his unpredictable twists and turns, others have praised him for it, but it is apparent to anyone who has loyally witnessed his evolution for at least a handful of years, that he has been seeking to distill a practicable, accessible ‘unified theory of spirituality’ of sorts: A unified philosophy that makes the journey clear, enjoyable and practical for all—including those who are not going to spend 15 years of their lives seeking for the best answers out there and trying out many different paths and philosophies to see which one works best.

Bentinho has said before that he realizes most people are not going to obsess over the specifics and science of practical spirituality and enlightenment nearly as intensely as he has, but that they deserve the benefits of these distillations nevertheless. As such, he has made it his undeniable mission to bridge worlds of spirituality amongst themselves, to then as a whole present it to our contemporary, collective world. He gives out his work for free as much as he responsibly can, and charges for some offerings in order to sustain the delivery of the free content.

Today he is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and empowerment speaker who holds frequent retreats in major US and European cities. He is also considered an entrepreneur, visionary, paradigm-breaker, and someone with a fearless and willing enough heart to make the difference for the sake of those who perhaps can’t or won’t make that difference for themselves, and this world, just yet. He has been known to sacrifice his public and private self-image for the sake of maintaining his integrity toward service-to-others. The world sometimes may think one thing, this includes the world of those closest to him, while he is up to something else that will benefit them down the line against their own ability to currently foresee.

Bentinho is known to not take himself very seriously a lot of the times, and generally infuses his sometimes serious talks with ‘grounding humor.’ He encourages people to adopt the same attitude, even toward their spiritual journey.

Bentinho is known to not take himself very seriously a lot of the times, and generally infuses his sometimes serious talks with ‘grounding humor.’ He encourages people to adopt the same attitude, even toward their spiritual journey.

In his own words:

“When it comes to truly emptying oneself of ego and consequently quantum leap one’s ability to be of service-to-others, perceived sacrifice of one’s self-image and one’s loved ones, is often a part of the great catalyst—the initiation that those sincere about service-to-others will invite into their lives at one point or another.

Those who stay true, even when the entire world misunderstands and does not see—those who do not get swayed by the fleeting promise of validation or understanding from others and is willing to face any such surface consequences to their personal self, will make it through this powerful initiatory offering and be that much more purified—able to now see and feel God directly within their very own Heart to a much higher degree than before, when the personal self was veiling the real Self.

This level of personal sacrifice in order to stay true to service-to-others requires a level of ego-death that most shy away from and thus never go beyond. But what is revived at the moment of death is the most beautiful experience known to man, and worth considering.” - Bentinho Massaro


On a personal level, he embodies the fully passionate lifestyle that he teaches—including “free-solo” rock-climbing (no ropes) and free-diving to depths over 40 meters on a single breath. Currently he is exploring new roles as entrepreneur, ‘inventor’ and investor, as means to help this planet rebalance itself and to give the people a fair chance to wake up from their sheeple-dream.

As of late, he has demonstrated a passion for fine cigars. He says they’re actually beneficial if you know how to attune your consciousness to the consciousness/spirit/information of the plant. He also says it helps him stay ‘grounded’, more socially available, and more willing to focus on Earth-based projects such as business endeavors to help make THE difference in the world, teaching, online projects, social media, meeting and coaching people, travel, etc.

He says that without such aids, he is more likely to ‘disappear from view’ and ‘merge with the infinite’ as such changing the nature of his ability to be of active service also in a visible way, in this conceptual, slow-vibratory, man-made world which for most of humanity, Bentinho suggests, “is all they know.”

“We need to be willing to continue to speak their language first, so they can realize what’s possible from inside their veiled and concept-based experience, before they can truly begin to recognize and implement the language of Love, Awareness, and Awakening. This requires those awake enough to—to an extent—pretend to be asleep. Play the game. Play a role. Be a paradox yet relatable enough to peek your fellow-selves interests.

Show up in a way they can relate to, even if it’s not always the most comfortable to the one who is awake. It’s an act of love for those who suffer more blindness than you do. This, I call, Shepherding Consciousness. It isn’t easy but it’ll bring you—and them both—closer to God when done with wholly pure intent.” - B.M.

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Even as a child, growing up in Holland, he had a sense of the unlimited possibilities within human consciousness. As a teenager, frustrated with the “unconscious” behavior of society, he made a commitment to search for the “ultimate answer” and to discover the actual workings of life that would liberate humanity from conflict and suffering.

He began a relentless quest, exploring all kinds of teachers, philosophies, and methods, including studies in India. He stayed with each practice only long enough to digest what was useful to his goal. Eventually exhausted, he realized that all the spiritual “authorities” were no more enlightened than himself, and he made a radical decision: to seek only within his own being, following his own resonance and trusting his intuition without hesitation. There he discovered that the “ultimate answer” was to be found in the presence of Existence itself—in all its infinite potential.

“I sank into this indescribable freedom that knows no boundaries,” he says. “This enlightenment was the end of an unpleasant dream based in illusion and the beginning of my true life as an awakened consciousness.”
— Bentinho Massaro

This background helps explain an extraordinary creation that Bentinho launched in late 2014—an online university for enlightenment that many (former!) seekers claim is the quickest available way to achieve actual, experiential Self-Realization.

Bentinho named it Trinfinity Academy to indicate the three categories of his teachings: Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Infinity. Personally, as someone who was a seeker for decades, I’ve not found anything as concise and simultaneously comprehensive as Trinfinity Academy. Also, because it offers and can deliver to anyone who wants it a fully enlightened life, I view the Academy as an historical first—that will play a role in the transition of humanity to a more enlightened era.

“I often wished I could study the work that I’ve created today, when I was still intensely struggling and seeking for practical access points into liberation myself. I think the fact that I’ve had that wish in retrospect, is a good thing. It means that what we have here today, is a really helpful platform, in my estimation. I hope that one day sooner rather than later, it reaches and benefits billions of seekers. For are we not all seekers, in the end?”
— Bentinho Massaro

Yet Bentinho says he feels like he is just getting started, even though creating the Academy was, at one point, the goal of his life. With that now achieved, a whole new and ambitious vision for planet Earth and human civilization has opened up to him. He says the challenges ahead will require him to stay extraordinarily focused and in alignment with the truest part of his being. His overarching mission, in his own words, is “to establish an enlightened civilization ready for interstellar absorption—by the year 2035.”

Bentinho continues to refine and focus his teachings with a goal to reach people from every walk of life, building a bridge to enlightenment and self-empowerment for the “average Joe,” not just for those already in the spiritual community. “It’s what I live for;” he says, “it’s what I came here for.”

I’ve devoted myself to leave behind a detailed road-map to save you years of struggle; not to take away your rightful journeys, but to make them more precise and even blissful. You can’t escape your journey, and you shouldn’t want to, but you can infuse yours with much more joy and clarity instead, and pick up an incredibly enjoyable pace. I sincerely wish this for you, my fellow thirsty travelers.
— Bentinho Massaro

Do yourself a favor, as I did, and don't waste any more time. Allow yourself to get acquainted with this guy's ridiculously complete understanding of spirituality! 

- Janet Marchant.


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