Although Bentinho is not currently holding public events, he and his team are busy working on some exciting new offerings and projects. Be sure to check back here often to stay on top of the latest!

Some of our current new offerings include:

Trinfinity Civilization Upgraders

Shepherding Consciousness Leadership Training

This online program is Bentinho’s most advanced teaching program to date. Transform yourself into a clear, conscious Shepherd, ready to serve the collective desire for awakening on this planet.

Discover what it takes to become a Civilization Upgrader and recreate each area of your life to be in alignment with your True Self and your Calling. Purify yourself, balance yourself, upgrade yourself, empty yourself, and become a vessel for God's Love and Light. Become the change you wish to see in the world.

Be a part of Bentinho’s mission for an enlightened civilization by 2035 : Upgrade

We have completely restructured, giving you access to all 35 retreat / event recordings that were previously for purchase-only with subscription. When combined with the recordings that were included in the original subscription, this amounts to 363 two-hour recorded sessions!

For the low price of $67 per month, you can have access to an outstanding collection of what we believe are the highest quality, direct-path teachings available on the planet today.