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10-Day Exclusive Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands

Live the Teachings!
Exclusive Retreat with Bentinho
near Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cozy and intimate, real and authentic 10-day retreat near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Spend quality time with Bentinho and a small group of super-dedicated participants in a homey and fun, yet meditative atmosphere. This is an exclusive private retreat with a maximum of 18 participants, and it’s a longer event (10 days); therefore this retreat has a higher price point than public retreats with Bentinho.

Dates: 26 January -  4 February 2019

Location: near Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cost: €3500 (includes lodging)

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To be in the physical presence of Bentinho for an extended period of time—to fully immerse yourself in his vibrational field and expose yourself to the fire of truth—is a unique opportunity to burn away the remnants of your false self and super accelerate your journey into God/Love/Freedom/Source.

Those who attended the exclusive retreats in Italy and/or Mallorca last summer will recognize the concept of the “exclusive retreat.” One session per day with Bentinho is promised (except for one break day) as well as one session per day with Annie Hart holding Satsang/Meditation in the morning for those interested.

During the rest of the day and evening, impromptu sessions and informal get-togethers with Bentinho and the group may happen. Participants may initiate Q&As during social times with Bentinho. They may also plan informal gatherings and co-creations with other participants. Bentinho may call forth additional meetings as the flow dictates.

During this retreat, you are encouraged to be your best self and to fully activate your highest vibrations and capabilities. Outside of session times, you can meditate, further your own projects, co-create with other participants, walk around town or explore Amsterdam.

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You will arrange for your own meals, whether that means dining in local restaurants or cooking in the house kitchen. We may all eat together at times, or we may make our own plans; we will go with the spontaneity of the moment.

Most evenings we will hang out together and play games, watch movies or just enjoy each other’s presence. Spontaneous sessions between Bentinho and a student or two, or the entire group are known to happen and are of a different, more intimate nature than sessions during large public events, which Bentinho has mostly stopped doing.

This 10-day long period of authentically sharing space together with no expectations, each bringing their most willing and powerful version to the space, is a truly amazing opportunity to deepen your clarity, break open your heart, remove illusory obstacles and enhance your practice as well as increase your desire for freedom.

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Retreat price includes:

  • One session per day (possibly more), except for one break day

  • Suggested practices and/or meditation times by yourself which Bentinho will announce each day

  • Optional additional session per day with Annie Hart

  • Private room in the house; most likely shared bathroom

  • Use of all communal spaces in the house

  • Wifi

What to bring:

  • Warm, comfortable clothing, including a winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat. It is winter in Holland, so it’s chilly! (3-7 C / 37-45 F)

  • Walking shoes, if you like exploring

  • Laptop for (co)creating

  • Books (here are some suggested by Bentinho):

    • The Law of One, by Ra

    • The Direct Means to Eternal Bliss, by Michael Langford

    • The Seven Steps to Awakening, quotes by Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and others  

    • The Nisargadatta Gita, by Pradeep Apte

    • Super Accelerated Living, by Bentinho

To apply:

Send an email to Include a link to your Facebook profile, which should include at least one photo in which your face can be seen. Also, write one or two paragraphs explaining why you would like to attend the retreat. Spaces are limited, so please apply as soon as possible. Note that not everyone who applies will be accepted.

For logistical questions:


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