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2-Day Bentinho Retreat, Sedona - 'How to Realize Endless Bliss'

  • Poco Diabalo Resort Coconino National Forest, 1752 AZ-179 Sedona, AZ, 86336 United States (map)

2-Day Weekend with Bentinho in Sedona, AZ

Access the LIVE-STREAM here. 

This weekend serves as an excellent introduction to the Sedona area locals since it's a shorter, more affordable retreat (consider inviting your local friends!) so they can become familiar with this fast-growing local community and teacher/teaching. It's also an easier option for those who really wish to attend a Sedona retreat with Bentinho but perceive they have a lot of work or commitments during the week, and want a shorter weekend version of the 5 (or 7) day retreat.

Those who already signed up to the 5-Day retreat are rewarded by being able to add on this full weekend at a very low price. For more info scroll down this page.

How to Realize Endless Bliss?

Is it possible?
Who is destined to realize this?
Can anyone realize this?
Is it worth the effort/practice/commitment?
What do I have to know to achieve this?
Do I even truly want to realize endless bliss?
What's most important in my life, and why?
What illusions am I holding on to that are causing me subtle or gross suffering?
How am I distracting myself unnecessarily from realizing endless bliss?
How can I optimize my life to support my absorption into endless bliss?
What are the benefits of becoming endlessly blissful?
What will my practical life look like when I absorb myself in endless bliss?
How will my relationship to others change?
HOW precisely can I Realize Endless Bliss?

These are the questions Bentinho will answer using clear pointers and practical approaches.

A decent portion of this weekend satsang/gathering will consist of extended periods of powerful silent vastness pervading the room, making it significantly easier to drop into your True Self. In between each silent session Bentinho will clarify the Direct Path to Eternal Bliss and how you can actually make this your daily lived reality.

There will be room for Q&A as well to help you clarify how best to navigate around the challenges that may come up during your continued practice of deepening into the Bliss of the True Self.

This weekend retreat will both be a fresh start for those new to Bentinho's Self-Realization path, as well as a fresh start to those already familiar with how he has taught this path in the past few years. He has changed his emphasis and some of the wordings now to tailor to the adept who truly wants to attain the bliss of Realization described above.

Already Attending the 5-Day Retreat? Make it a 7-Day Retreat!

This weekend is accessible to just about anyone, yet it also functions as an extension for those who sign up to Bentinho's (mostly) silent 5-Day Sedona Retreat at Creative Life Center. The theme of both retreats are the same. Participants of the 5 Day Retreat can add on this weekend for only $35. You must be registered first to choose this ticket option below. Click here to go to the 5 Day Retreat Registration page and register there first, then come back to this page and choose the special price below.

Sliding Scale

To make this weekend as accessible as possible, we decided on a sliding scale payment/donation structure starting at $99. We suggest a value for this weekend of $199-$249, but whatever you are comfortable with contributing is much appreciated. We hope this helps some of you attend this event that otherwise perceived they could not! 

If you are more abundant in your presently chosen reality, you are of course welcome to contribute above the suggested value amount. Thank you for that!


Poco Diablo Resort

Coconino National Forest, 1752 AZ-179, Sedona, AZ 86336

SCHEDULE - MAY 6 & 7: 

10AM - Doors open (Please arrive at or slightly before 10AM!) 
10:30AM-12:30PM - Session 1
12:30PM-3:30PM - Lunch & Break + Practice as instructed in Session 1
3:30PM-5:30PM - Session 2

Refund Policy for this event: 80% refund available until April 10th. No refunds issued on or after April 11th.