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Amsterdam Weekend Retreat

  • Rhone Events & Congrescenter B.V. 12 Rhoneweg Amsterdam, NH, 1043 AH Netherlands (map)

2016 – The Year of Inevitable Success & Rapid Acceleration

Where 2010-2015 were years of intense churning–of burning through large quantities of energetic lethargy–and struggling to find our way out of darkness as we followed the increased gravitational pull that we all felt intuitively toward the light within; 2016 offers relief. That’s right. Actual relief.

Many of you will catch yourselves this next year spontaneously sighing, bodies completely relaxed as if having achieved victory after an 10 year long battle, and saying: “Finally, what I have desired for so long, is now truly here.”

It is as if we are entering into the slipstream of our desired realities both as individuals and as a collective human race. The seeds we have been planting–in the past 5 years especially–are now finally coming to fruition so much faster, and with seemingly so much more support and ease from the universe than we’ve been used to so far. By the end of 2016, our experience of daily resistances will have diminished by 95-98% as compared to an average day during the years 2010-2015.

2016 is therefore, the year of insane acceleration and inevitable success. Success meaning the coming to fruition of the joyful, ambitious and optimistic seeds you have been planting against all odds. This is the year where the skeptical part of your brain will be challenged; it will be hard to believe at times that things continue to go so well for you in all ways and always, and so rapidly too, that the first 6 months of 2016 will be held back only by the fact that you’re not used yet to navigating so quickly and effortlessly. It takes a little bit of getting used to in order to fully receive the abundance that is now being unleashed upon all who are on a conscious journey especially.

Even though the energy and density of this shared collective dream environment now provides you with everything that you are asking for 10 times faster than in previous years, your mind is still used to things moving slowly and it expects to be faced with lots of opposition to its dreams and desires, so you will find that in the second half of 2016 as you get used to this acceleration and start to embrace the constant evidence of goodness pouring into your life non-stop, that the second half will become even more streamlined and accelerated precisely because your skeptic’s mind will by then have surrendered to the abundance of your life as: “It is okay, this can be normal.”

By the second half of 2016 you will have embraced the inevitability of magical occurrences and surprising successes entering your life at an almost alarming rate. Join me in this retreat to amplify this acceleration and be at the cutting edge of it, so that all of you may shine even brighter as the beacons that you are and help–by example–many others achieve this high vibrational way of life as well. Everyone deserves to experience the goodness that they already are. You can unlock it in yourself, and then spill out into the rest of this shared collective dream. Let’s wake up this world through ease and joy, just because we can and just because it’s easy.

See you in Europe, my friends. It has been a while.

Retreat information

Note from Bentinho: “Since I don’t get to visit you all in Europe that often, and seeing the amount of support I received from the Europeans to see this event manifest, we decided to make this event an epic and all-inclusive (except for lodging, you will have to plan for your own accommodation) weekend retreat, tailored to be in service of everyone’s greatest comfort and maximum enjoyment. Deciding to make it an all-inclusive event made the expenses on our end 4 times higher, and would potentially increase our initially suggested ticket price of 200 euro’s (with nothing included) to well over 320 euros p.p. for all-inclusive.

To avoid the total ticket price from getting too high, I decided to lower the tuition portion of the price from 200 Euro’s to 124 Euro’s. I hope that in this way it will be worth it and doable for everyone to attend. Let’s make the rest of this Universe notice our ecstatic vibrations during this retreat!”

Total price breakdown:

  • Food, unlimited hydration, venue, epic party and amenities*: 125 Euro’s p.p.
  • Tuition fee: 124 Euro’s p.p.

All-Inclusive price for the full weekend: 249 Euros

All-Inclusive price for a single day: 129 Euros

We sincerely hope that in this way, it is doable and exciting for as many of you as possible to attend this retreat in person! Our goal is to have around 900 people attend this event on both days.

What’s included in “All Inclusive”?

At arrival, you will be welcomed with a brownie or cookie :-), and a large team of professional personnel will be available to be of service to you.

  • Unlimited bottles of water for everyone
  • 2 x lunch
  • 1 x dinner
  • An epic evening party for all the participants (between 500-900 conscious people dancing/socializing!) on the 2nd of January, from 8PM until 1AM. So: you can have dinner at the venue right after the last session, and then stay for the party if you want to (we hope you do!).
  • There will be two rooms available during the time of this party; one large one for the dancing, and one spacious lounge room for conversation, calmer celebration and socializing.
  • Professional DJ (Frans Iradi) is hired to facilitate this party with full on sound and light effects. He will mix in some songs selected by Bentinho as well.
  • During the party hours, there will also be snacks that are made freely available
  • 2 drinks during party hours are included. If you want to lose ALL resistance to life by getting a little wasted, bring some extra cash or a debit (pin) card to pay for any additional drinks ;-). No drugs please!

Because Bentinho doesn’t travel outside the United States very often, there has been great demand for this rare event. Inform your friends and conscious communities in Europe, and reserve your tickets soon!

Considering the scope of this event and the fact that it is overseas as well as it being a non-residential retreat, there is no discount available for academy members at this time. The all-inclusive price is already optimized to accommodate everyone. We will fine-tune our retreat discount policy for Academy members soon. We are a young organization and we learn as we go what is required to keep this operation flowing for the benefit of all. Apologies if we have been unclear regarding these exceptions and have caused any misunderstandings. We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam and thank you for being patient with us as we expand and learn.

CASH: If you cannot make use of our payment system below, but are 100% certain you will attend the retreat, you can send an email to with your full name, email address and phone number, and bring 250 Euros in cash to the event, or 130 Euros if you will only attend one day.

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