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Authentic Awakening Community Night

  • 7 Centers Yoga Arts 2115 Mountain Road Sedona, AZ, 86336 United States (map)

Join Ryan Brown, Bentinho's primary facilitator, for a playful evening of discovery and exploration of how to maintain high levels of awakening while in relationship to others.

Have you had experiences transcending your personality, or had a deeper union with the Divine during an event or meditation, only to have that experience covered over again by your personality when you were around people or "back in the world".

Are you thirsting for a deeper experience of your Self in your everyday life?

Are you wanting to be in a dynamic community of sincere spiritual practitioners who are also grounded, fun and supportive? 

Have you been tired of going it alone on your spiritual journey and see the limits if staying home on your meditation cushion?

If so join Ryan this Monday night where we'll use the community container to explore high level non-duality and manifestation principles in a relational context. 

Ryan will use Bentinho Massaro's teachings and themes from recent Self-Realization School Session as a launching pad. Familiarity with Bentinho's teachings or recent sessions are not a requirement of entry however. If this sounds like a relevant fit for you, come along.

We'll explore:

•Connecting with others from a more awakened state. 

•Feeling more centered, present and empowered when interacting with others.

•Awakening to the Peace, Bliss and Love that is beyond your personality.

•Cultivating deep authentic presence and empowered vulnerability.

•Experiencing deep connections with others while maintaining a centered clarity of being.

Donations are appreciated, but not required.