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Bliss over Matter - Transmuting the World | Bentinho's Annual Hawaii Retreat

6-Day, Annual Hawaii Bliss Retreat

April 8-13

We skipped last year, but we’re back in 2018 for our annual Hawaii Bliss Retreat with Bentinho Massaro! 

Since the Hawaii Bliss Retreat in 2016 was such a big success all around, we decided to use the same venue, which has been completely renovated and upgraded since we were there last. It will be like stepping into a parallel reality :-). Same place, different reality! The retreat will be held at the beautiful Marriott Wailea Beach Resort in Wailea, Maui (there are no more discounted rooms available).

Read on below to learn about this year's exciting theme...

Bliss over Matter

Transmuting the World

This is an opportunity to be in direct contact with mind-shattering Bliss and to be immersed in the field of Self-Realization which powerfully catalyzes you to see your true Universal Self. This vision of your Universal Self/Awareness comes with a limitless type of Bliss, and does not depend on 'what's the matter' in your life. It transcends your entire world.

By immersing yourself in the transcendent Bliss of Being more fully than you presently perhaps imagine you can, you will train yourself in gaining first-hand experience with the Bliss beyond space, time, location and body: Bliss over Matter.

The effects of training yourself in Bliss over Matter are indescribable. Not only can an unshakable freedom become yours forever (secretly it already is), but your circumstantial life of this illusion will collapse around your new frequency of abundant freedom in the form of joyous synchronicities and 'manifestations' galore. They will show up spontaneously without you feeling like you're really doing anything to create them. Magical Manifesting.

You will be guided to experience what it's like to have the best extreme of both worlds. Infinite Bliss of the inward focus (the God-Self), resulting in effortless flow in the outside focus (the world, synchronicity).

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and everything else shall be added unto you.
— Mr. J. Christ

When you realize Bliss and make it constant, you have achieved 100% faith, which means you are 100% equal to the entire Creation. You have become aligned with God-Consciousness. 100% faith means ALL of Creation is now You, and so the flow of transmutation of the world can happen through your vessel, without any illusion or pain of ego in the way.

When we truly stop giving a damn about any outcome--which is only truly possible if we replace the pleasure we believe positive outcome gives us with the ever-available Bliss of our Transcendent Self--Creation suddenly starts working 'for us' without any effort on our part.

The more we let go of Creation's manifestation, the more Creation's manifestation will knock on our door. In truth, all that has happened once we replace our attachment for relief with direct immersion in Universal Bliss, is that we got out of the way of a perfectly intelligent illusion that already creates itself beautifully.

We have to merely get out of the way and attune to Bliss. Then we train ourselves in this until we get really natural at knowing and enjoying our Infinite Self in all circumstances. Then magical manifestation is enabled through us, and we will effortlessly transmute the world.

For those of you signed up to who have seen the Sedona May Retreat recordings and the Sedona Self Realization School meetings that Bentinho hosted in Sedona, you can gain direct exposure to the vibration of these Self Realization and Self Graduation teachings in Hawaii.


  • Doors Open at 10:00AM
  • 10:30AM-Noon: 1st Session with Bentinho (Morning Instruction, Meditation and Transmission)
  • 30-minute silent break
  • 12:30PM-1:30PM: 2nd Session with Bentinho (Q&A and clarification)
  • 1:30: BLISS BREAK (+ homework practice)
  • 7:00PM-8:30PM: 3rd Session with Bentinho (Meditation, Transmission, Instruction, Q&A)
  • 8:30PM onwards... Dine, hang out with people from the retreat and have a tropical cocktail!

Things to bring to this retreat:

  • Bring a notebook! There will be writing exercises.
  • If you wish to sit on the floor in meditation posture, bring a cushion or mat.
  • Swimsuit, obviously! We’re right on the beach, and there are several pools at the resort.

Tuition Pricing:

General Admission Price: $999 (Payment plan available below: 4 installments of $250). Must be paid in FULL by March 8, 2018. 
Price does not reflect food or accommodation.

NOTE: Those who paid for the Sedona May 1-5 Retreat can register for the Hawaii Bliss Retreat for $777 until January 1st 2018. Email for a coupon code if you paid for the Sedona May 1-5 event. If you are a member of Bentinho Massaro TV, please use the coupon code BMTV at checkout. Note that we will not issue a refund if you forget to use the coupon code so make sure you apply it! 

Tuition Refund Policy (Non-negotiable!):
100% refund if cancelled before July 1st
80% refund if cancelled before January 1st 
60% refund if cancelled before March 1st 
40% refund if cancelled before March 21st
20% refund if cancelled after March 21st

It is our strict policy that a ticket may not be transferred to another person and we will hold to the refund party as stated.


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