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5-Week Online Enlightenment Study Course

Cultivating the Direct Experience of Perfect Freedom

The Definitive Enlightenment Study Course

What inspired this course:

While many amazing beings study my teachings and come to my retreats, only a percentage of them have truly anchored in the realization of Perfect Awareness to a degree that it gives them permanent peace, liberation and clarity--beyond the distractions of the personal bubble. 

With the arrival of my Empowerment-based teachings a few years after I had already been pointing to Enlightenment, students started expanding into being the powerful creators they are when focused in alignment with their Higher Selves. 

However, I sense that many are overlooking--and perhaps undervaluing--the benefits and importance of the Enlightenment teachings, and so I desire to host a series of intimate, online discourses, where I will explain clearly--and point directly to--the Direct Realization of the Greater Self

It is my wish that this course becomes the definitive (as in: all you really need) platform for triggering a balanced-yet-rapid realization of Enlightenment, which liberates you 'for once and for all'.

I will go into great detail on the most important aspects of the Path of Enlightenment, yet consistently bring you back to the experiential nature of cultivating one simple trigger: 

In each moment to identify with Perfect Awareness, rather than the appearances arising within it, until all confusion and resistance is resolved in the abiding presence of an ever-luminous bliss.

This in-depth study course has a suggested real world value of $275-$450. To keep it accessible for most, we've enabled a minimum contribution of $99 to get complete access.

In this course, you will:


  • Learn to recognize Perfect Awareness; and realize it as your very Self.
  • Develop ways of seeing that will trigger some of the most important realizations in the simplest of ways.
  • Gain the ability to resolve virtually any and all mental/emotional resistance and tension for the rest of your life.
  • Experientially discover the ultimate truth of who you are beyond this body and mind.
  • Cultivate a powerful, conscious and stable sense of that which no experience can disturb or distract.
  • Allow yourself to be liberated into a freedom that transcends all limitations.
  • Later on in the course, you can potentially begin--and I emphasize begin--to directly know what I call 'the One Infinite Creator'; a recognition that unifies and reconciles All-There-Is. It's the Resolution of all Paradoxes; direct knowledge of The Absolute.

And, to return to a more practical note for most, you will:

  • Feel greatly enhanced in continuing your empowerment practices, yet now with an undisturbable stability and confidence.
  • Naturally tap into a true, just and fearless leadership that will allow you to serve many in your lifetime.
  • Attain a peace and freedom that will be with you for the rest of your life, and beyond.

Your registration for this 5-week online study course includes:


By participating in this course, you will simultaneously empower the awakening of many more–and improve lives–around the world: 50% of all profits will go to Trinfinity's projects (!

  • Four 3-hour live-streamed broadcasts + video call-in for questioners. Bentinho will begin each session with a discourse on that day's topic. After a short 15-minute break, Bentinho will take live video call-in questions for the remainder of the time. *
  • One live 2-hour integration session with lead facilitator Ryan D Brown. In the middle of the course, Ryan will hold an integration session consisting of live Q&A with participants to help clarify certain topics from the first half of the course.
  • Live Chat room available before, during, and after each session. Chat and connect with the other participants in the course! 
  • Video recordings available immediately after each session and accessible throughout the course. While it is always nice to be there live, if you can't make any or all of the sessions live, if you pay for this course you can still participate by viewing the recordings at your convenience. You can then discuss and ask questions in the group forum.  
  • Access to a private group forum throughout the course to discuss each session and to share your experiences and discoveries with other participants. Bentinho and Ryan will be present on the forum periodically throughout the course to answer questions and clarify certain topics. This forum will be limited to those participating in the course. (Forum link will be sent to you by email after you register.)
  • Weekly video check-ins from Bentinho, sent directly to your email inbox. In between live sessions, Bentinho will be sharing specific practices and insights to keep you on course. These pre-recorded videos will be delivered straight to your email inbox. 
  • Downloadable audio MP3s of each session.  Shortly after each session ends, audio recordings will be available for download. Listen again in the car or on the train before the next session. (Audio links will be emailed to you after each session.)

All sessions will be held on Saturdays at 11am Denver time. 

To find your local time Click Here. 

Each session will last approximately 3 hours with a short 15-minute break at 12:30. 

* To participate in the live video call-in, you must have a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone, Google Chrome web browser, and an internet connection speed of at least 4/mbps.