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Exclusive Retreat with Bentinho in Las Vegas

Join Bentinho in Las Vegas!

  • Tuesday November 19 - Monday, November 25

  • Family-style living (sharing one giant luxury house)

  • In addition to the team, we will accept a maximum of 13 participants


Join Bentinho Massaro and some of his core team in Las Vegas for one week of family-style living in a beautiful luxury house. We will be meditating, exploring the depths and subtleties of (your) consciousness, and you will receive direct teachings. Given the exclusive, small-group nature of this event, there will be plenty of room to have your most personal questions and challenges addressed as well (unlike at public events).

We will also plan a few trips to the Las Vegas strip, so bring some nice clothing for at least two nights of classy dining and/or playing around in the heart of Vegas. Know yourself, accept yourself, and bring your best sins to Sin City and into the light of playful, all-transcending group consciousness :). This being said, the majority of time will be spent at the villa in relative seclusion, focusing on deepening our connection to Source directly and consciously. But fun will be had and games will be played as well.

Daily Schedule

The schedule will be fairly flexible, but you can expect:

  • Daily meditation segment with Bentinho (sometimes silent, sometimes guided)

  • Daily teaching segment with Bentinho

  • Daily Q&A segment with Bentinho

  • Daily session with Annie Heart

  • 2-3 workshops with Cory Katuna on Mindset, How to Best Use and Abuse Bentinho ;) & Creative Product Sprints (towards one of your goals)

  • Optional daily workouts with Cory

  • Home-cooked group dinners

You will integrate teachings, revelations and newly-accessed states of consciousness directly with the team for 7 days of connection, reflection, and fun! Every day Bentinho will lead at least one group session, consisting of meditation, teaching, and Q&A segments, and Annie Hart will lead a morning meditation. Given that it is such a small group there will be plenty of time for personal reflections and intimate conversations with Bentinho and the team. In some cases we may invite you to join certain business or project-oriented conversations, so come prepared to help create the retreat and co-shape the Trinfinity vision of an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

In addition, Cory will lead daily workouts and 2-3 cool workshops, Jacqueline and Kars will make home-cooked dinners, and we will go on several group outings together (so bring a few nice outfits to enjoy Las Vegas in style and with #ConsciousClass).

Our luxury property includes a swimming pool, hot tub, ping-pong table, and several other games and excellent group spaces. We will have a huge fully-equipped kitchen with every high quality appliance we might need.

Team members who will be present for this retreat:

  • Bentinho Massaro

  • Annie Hart

  • Cory Katuna

  • Jacqueline Graham

  • Kars Van der Veen


$6,500 per person for your own bedroom, or $5,000 per person if you share a room with another participant.

Price includes:

  • Exclusive living, playing and going out together with Bentinho Massaro & team

  • Tuition for 7-day retreat, including all sessions with Bentinho, Annie and Cory

  • 7 days, 6 nights accommodation in a giant luxury house

  • Nightly home-cooked dinners, drinks, and a variety of snacks

Price does not include:

  • Transportation

  • Breakfast & lunch (Fruit and snacks will be provided. There are plenty of grocery stores and restaurants in Las Vegas, so you can purchase whatever you prefer for breakfast and/or lunch.)

How to Apply

We are selective about who we accept to participate in these intimate retreats. These decisions are not personal—they are based on our intention to curate aligned group dynamics. If you apply and are not accepted, don’t take it personally (and of course feel free to apply to future private Team Immersion Retreats).

It's easy to apply: Send a short video (2 minutes max) of yourself to conveying your motivation for joining this retreat. This is also the email address you can use if you have any questions. If you are accepted, we will send you a liability waiver. Once we receive your signed waiver and payment, we will disclose the exact location and other important details. That’s it!