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Bentinho Massaro teaches in NYC for the first time!! -- How to Access Overwhelming Natural Bliss

  • The New York New Church 114 East 35th Street New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

How to Access Overwhelming Natural Bliss

5 Practical Ways to Interrupt the False Self and Know the Real Self

Bentinho's visits to the East Coast have become super rare. In addition, this is Bentinho's first time teaching in New York City! Seize this rare opportunity and welcome him to NYC!

Help us by sharing this somewhat last-minute event with your friends and circles in NYC. The theme of this event is accessible to adepts of all levels; understandable even to beginners.

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Is it really possible to access bliss and happiness at any time?

It sure is. It’s what you already are in truth, and you can learn to be in it. You can't hear this stuff enough. Once it sinks in, it becomes direct, lived experience moment to moment. This is liberation.

Bliss is not a new attainment to be gotten from somewhere; it is something you discover as being already here, as your very own essence. In this workshop, Bentinho Massaro will guide us in experiencing five powerful and easy ways through which the illusory identity of the egoic mind can fall away and leave you in the bliss and clarity of your True Self. Most of us carry an imposter self with us at all times, never getting any break from our constant efforts to seek happiness outside us. The peace, clarity, freedom, and bliss of our Self is what we seek to find.

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Bentinho will explain in-depth five “hacks” or understandings that can lead to “natural bliss” instantly:

  1. Look for the root of the mind and it disappears.
  2. Realize how nothing is of interest to you, and remain utterly unimpressed.
  3. Find the innermost ME sense (I am/I Exist) in each state of experience.
  4. Understand everything in your current experience is a dream without substance.
  5. Reflect this world like a mirror, ignoring any sense of “doership” or needs.

Replacing your surface desires—which chase the ever-changing world of sense-perceptions—with these five practices and understandings, and the ultimate goal which is hiding in plain sight can reveal itself as effortless bliss!

This event is hosted by the NYC Open Center. The New York Open Center offers holistically-based educational programs to create positive transformation in individuals and the world.