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The Fall & Rise of Our Civilization: Part II (Online Only)


“The July Meetings of 2016” – with Bentinho Massaro

A series of 4 FREE, live streamed events* on the most pressing changes of our time, and how to put our spirituality and abundance into service to the whole of humanity and planet earth—by taking inspired, collective action—while achieving greater mastery of ourselves in the process. 

Tune in, accelerate yourself, join us, and become a Civilization Upgrader.

July 17 - Part II: Special Bahamas Interview Broadcasted LIVE

“Acceleration and True Service-to-Others”

Tune in live on the 17thfor a never before seen 50-minute interview with Bentinho Massaro recorded in the Bahamas on “Balance and Acceleration,” “True Service to Others” and “Shepherding Consciousness,” starting at 1PM MDT (Denver timezone), followed by a LIVE discussion and commentary by some of Bentinho’s inner circle friends and facilitators. You as a live-streamer can also interact with the facilitators discussing the interview. This interview also acts as a preparation for the next Sunday meeting of July 24th – “Rise Above Thyself.”

All four parts of this series will be live-streamed at no charge for those unable to attend. We will add the live-stream links to this page a few days before the first event.