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The Fall & Rise of Our Civilization: Part III

  • Columbine Unity Spiritual Center 8900 Arapahoe Road Boulder, CO, 80303 United States (map)


“The July Meetings of 2016” – with Bentinho Massaro

Join Bentinho in his home town of Boulder, CO at Columbine Unity Spiritual Center for a series of FREE events on the most pressing changes of our time, and how to put our spirituality and abundance into service to the whole of humanity and planet earth-- by taking inspired, collective action-- while achieving greater mastery of ourselves in the process.  

Tune in, accelerate yourself, join us, and become a Civilization Upgrader.

July 24 - Part III: “Rise Above Thyself – Wake up from Mass Disempowerment"

(Consider share this free event and inviting your like-minded friends)

In this potentially controversial meeting, Bentinho will disclose some of the key topics of corruption and mental, emotional and physical pollution and manipulation that are still going on at this time on this planet. It is important that we wake up to how disempowered we are still allowing our civilization to be, and hence, how much we are still willing to be controlled by an elite few, most of whom have self-serving intentions.

The elite few self-serving entities/organizations on this planet realize that the ground beneath their feet is being abruptly taken away from them by the natural evolution of an awakening humanity who is more and more willing to take back its rightful and powerful place on this planet. 

This meeting will shine a light on some of these key areas of corruption and control, investigate the root causes that sustain the remnant of this old-paradigm, and suggests powerful ways in which we can take back our inner and outer empowerment.

This meeting will tentatively honor the following structure, and start at 1:00PM MDT (Denver time) and end around 3:30PM MDT:

1st Segment        Talk by Bentinho (45-60 min.)

2nd Segment        Q&A with the Boulder, CO audience (30 min.)

---20 minute Intermission--

3rd Segment        Q&A from the Live Stream audience (20 min.)

4th Segment        Guided Meditation by Bentinho and Peter James on live guitar (15 min)

All four parts of this series will be live-streamed at no charge for those unable to attend. We will add the live-stream links to this page a few days before the first event.