Bentinho on private coaching sessions:

I have had many requests over the years to do private sessions but have always felt more passionate about working with large groups. If you want to integrate my teachings into your own practical every-day life, then—in addition to Trinfinity Academy—I highly recommend making use of the personal availability, skills and depth of experience that my facilitators have to offer.

It helps to hear a different angle on my teachings (and life) and to be able to sit with someone that can take the time to be with your personal challenges and reflect what might be helpful to further accelerate your expansion. These facilitators can help you get from where you're at to where you want to be with great attention to your unique personal vibration so that the support you get is most relevant to you.

You will find that these facilitators have the ability to show you a wholly different, more expanded perspective on your present sense of self and its circumstances. I highly recommend booking a session if you feel you desire some personal attention from someone who has a strong foundation in my work and who can walk you into the next stage of your evolution.

Who is One-on-One Facilitation for?

  • For people who wish to discover a deeper level of their Consciousness and realize more of their infinite nature.

  • For people who want to create a life that excites them, but notice there is a gap between how they want things to be and how they currently are.

  • For people who are integrating Bentinho’s teachings effectively and want to keep taking their life to the next level, while living at their excited and inspired edge.

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