For someone who prefers silence, Bentinho Massaro has devoted himself to making the effort to distill practical spirituality to a T, speaking extensively over the past 12 years on the topics of awakening, spirituality, philosophy, meditation, living an epic life in service to the world, an enlightened human civilization, and practical transformative means of all kinds. In an attempt to organize some of this incredible volume of content, over the past 7 years we have generated several platforms, or products for you to engage with. Some of these products are free; some require payment.

Depending on the nature of your seeking and experience level, as well as your willingness and ability to contribute to our cause financially—in the form of investing in your own transformation and upgrading—one or more of the following platforms may best suit you. We thought it would be helpful to offer a clear overview of every primary way in which you can engage with Bentinho Massaro’s extensive teachings, to see which platforms are right for you.

Free Quality Content Accessible to All!

FREE! This is mostly an “online business card.” Aside from several great blog articles by Bentinho, this is not the platform for the bulk of Massaro’s transformative content. It’s more a place to get introduced to and learn about Bentinho, and to sign up for our newsletter, which we highly recommend. You can easily share this website with friends for introductory purposes.

Monthly Newsletter

FREE! Regardless of your interest level, we ask that you please subscribe to our newsletter. It’s a reliable way to get the most important updates on Bentinho’s work, as well as to receive inspiring content, without having to keep track of everything on social media. Whenever there is something big or important to announce, or a quality interview or new offering available, you will be sure to hear about it in our newsletter. We also send inspiring  articles, quotes and videos every now and again. On average, we send out 1 to 2 emails per month. We’re looking to double the frequency of our newsletters by next year so thato you will receive a weekly update with a summary of all new content made available that week.

FREE! After visiting and following Bentinho on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for a while, we generally recommend that people jump headfirst into Trinfinity Academy. It’s an accessible online school for the full enchilada of enlightenment and empowerment teachings.

Although it’s not one of Bentinho’s most recent offerings, Trinfinity Academy is truly brilliant in structure, flow and content. What’s so good about it is the ease with which one can incrementally digest multi-level teachings and precise instructions in a way that feels like a breeze.

Trinfinity Academy originated as Bentinho’s vision of a platform that would allow the main components and the most important realizations of the paths of Enlightenment (Self-Realization) and Empowerment (Self-Actualization) to be organized for the beginning to intermediate seeker. But even advanced seekers have expressed that the Academy brings things together for them in a way they’ve always longed for! So it’s really a must to go through these courses to get your spirituality up to date with modern standards of holistic, authentic, contemporary spiritual understanding.

Trinfinity Academy can be seen as the coming together of East, West and Cosmos. It is  a skillful blend and integration of the ancient, the modern and the New Age, giving the spiritual seeker  a totality of understanding that transcends any one of the above mentioned categories of spirituality.

With over 100 video lessons to digest in a recommended order (categorized by course and type of teaching) your consciousness and mind will undergo a major transformation. You will be upgraded to the point where you will then be ready to understand pretty much all of Bentinho’s content outside of Trinfinity Academy. Trinfinity Academy’s teachings are a profound foundation recommended for anyone interested in a holistic understanding of practical spirituality.

A few years ago, Bentinho and his Team decided to make the Academy free, giving up their main source of income at the time and their security as a company. This leap of faith was motivated by the inherently free and generous nature of someone living in faith, desiring to provide accessibility to this profound and precise platform so that all may awaken to their true Self and their infinite potential. Enjoy this life’s work offering of pure love for you, all of humanity and our potentially golden future: Share far and wide!

Note: While some considered our choice to give up over $50,000 per month by making the Academy free a mistake, and while it sure generated some exciting challenges for our company, we still love our decision. We hope you will make the most of this leap of faith on our part by truly appreciating and practicing the content to awaken yourself and live an epic life.

Consider leaving a (non tax-deductible) donation if you value our work and are in alignment with our mission to bring about  an Enlightened Civilization by 2035! And at every opportunity, spread the word about Bentinho Massaro’s work and Trinfinity as a global movement for all of awakening humanity. :-).

FREE! Watch hundreds and hundreds of videos on Bentinho’s popular YouTube channel,  which offers a wealth of teachings that you can apply to your everyday life. This too, is entirely free of charge, and also free of YouTube advertisements. Please make a little extra effort to “like” every video you watch, write a positive comment, and share the video if you feel it has relevance for the people who follow you. And of course, by subscribing to the channel, you will be the first to see the new uploads.

FREE! This is the platform personally favored by Bentinho out of all of his social media accounts, as it allows for a more personal, intimate and occasionally contradictory (fun!) touch. It’s also a bit more artistic, since images and short clips are such a central part of this platform. We highly recommend you follow Bentinho here, for the most personal and private peek into some of his life experiences, moments and insights.

FREE! Although Facebook isn’t what it used to be in terms of reaching thousands of people with great ease, it’s still a good way to stay connected to Bentinho’s content and spread the love/light.

Diving Deeper (Paid Offerings)


Civilization Upgraders is a dedicated training platform for the sincere seeker of enlightenment who wishes to strip themselves of all internal lies and realize the truth and potential of their real self. This platform trains people just like you in spiritually aligned and awakened leadership to maximize their ability to live in balanced service to an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

Currently, the Civilization Upgraders brand offers two programs: The Next Level: Dialogues with the Highly Committed and The Shepherding Consciousness program. Both are described below.

You deserve these programs, and the world deserves you—your truest and most realized self.


99 Euros per month. The Next Level: Dialogues with the Highly Committed began when those closest to Bentinho expressed that they wanted to take their development to the next level. They were tired of consuming his teachings like spiritual entertainment—learning gradually from the comfort of their own lifestyles and biases—so they asked him to raise the bar and turn up the heat.

For the first time ever, we are recording these inner-circle dialogues and making them available to highly committed wanderers, advanced adepts, and aspiring spiritual teachers and leaders worldwide.

The Next Level is a radically honest and direct series of evolving dialogues, designed to bring about a permanent shift in identity by coming at you from all angles with deep love and piercing wisdom. The weekly recordings generate momentum in the listener in the direction of the 'perpetual renewal of self', inspiring you to constantly enter into your own unique next level realization and actualization. Say goodbye to stagnation, and hello to super accelerated living and being.

When you subscribe to The Next Level, you begin the journey right where the original participants began, as one of them. Each week you’ll receive one or multiple audio recordings accompanied by, when relevant, screenshots from the WhatsApp chat group (where much of the teaching and group work happens), photos of that exact session, testimonials and reflections from the group, and “journal entries” from Cory or other leading participants.

Upgrade yourself, and our civilization will follow.


$199 per month for 12 months. The Shepherding Consciousness program is for those ready to really bring Bentinho’s teachings into their lives and marry these principles. To study from a distance, if you will, is one thing. But to truly become one with the laws of the universe and embody service-to-others, as well as to live a courageous, spiritually awake and richly epic life, the teachings need to become one’s lived experience.

Bentinho suggests there are three major stages to the evolution, actualization and enlightenment of an individual. The first stage is that of being identified as a person. This is the state the vast majority of people are in—both those seemingly very ignorant, as well as those seemingly rather awake. Many adepts out there, and even spiritual teachers, are still in a state Bentinho equates to person-consciousness.

The next stage in evolution from person-consciousness is Shepherding-Consciousness. This stage covers a huge spectrum. There is the beginning shepherd, all the way up to the perfected shepherd, who has attained the third stage, Mirror-Consciousness, and is known as a Mirror Being. Mirror Beings are extremely rare, and although this is addressed and hinted at in this course, the main focus is on mastering and actually living and applying the principles required to transmute the tenacious identity of the person-consciousness into the splendor, brilliance, intelligence, generosity, benevolence and purity of a well-balanced, advanced Shepherd. The advanced Shepherd is one  who is ready to step into the world and be fully themselves, yet without the lower ego getting in the way of their service to others.

Shepherds are those who feel the call—and have attained the mastery required—to efficiently help others, and on a larger scale, to help make THE difference in the world at this timing, in order to ensure an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

This program is for the spiritual adept who’s been around the block a few times, either in their own research outside of Bentinho Massaro’s offerings, through Trinfinity Academy and/or through’s Self Realization School, YouTube videos, etc. The Shepherding Consciousness program takes the adept to the next phase of mastery over their individuation and understanding of the evolution of the Soul / Consciousness. It trains them to see the bigger picture cosmically and spiritually, and to realize as an entity on Earth at this timing the vast opportunity available to those who are ready and trained.

This program intends to generate Shepherds ready to serve with courageous love, wisdom, mastery of self, and an incredibly powerful yet balanced will to actualize and materialize transformative change on this planet.


“I just subscribed to Bentinho Massaro TV and it is amazing! So powerful and touching and launching me into the beyond within me. I love seeing the way he tactfully and lightly guides the dialogue with people who come up and ask questions and that is something I learn a lot from. His guidance in the sessions is reliably giving me potent glimpses into god state within. Buzzing, electric beyond, formless, light.

For the past year and a half, I have enjoyed his free content and grown immensely and deepened so beautifully from it and until now, had not put a dime towards his mission and contribution to us. So it feels really great to give money to the guy and his vision. And to receive a totally unlevelled potent and in depth version of what I had watched before. The retreat sessions are really powerful. It's a whole other world than what is offered on youtube. Really high quality stuff, I cannot really explain, but I have been receiving such immense value from Bentinho Massaro TV and encourage and recommend any of you who have been really benefitting from Bentinho's free offerings to subscribe to Bentinho tv. It is really worth it.”

~ P. Raj

$67 per month — This is the definitive platform for the committed spiritual seeker/adept. It is for all who wish to dive deeply into Bentinho’s teachings in a more detailed and personal/intimate way and setting. There are many hundreds of hours of sessions available here!

Recordings of almost all of the retreats Bentinho Massaro facilitated over the last 5 years are available on Not to mention the truly profound and advanced Self Realization School series, which was recorded live in Sedona, Arizona over several months. This series also includes downloadable  MP3 audio files, most of which contain guided meditations. There are four seasons of this series, each containing multiple 2-hour long sessions of what are arguably the most profound, in-depth and articulately distilled direct teachings and pointings to the realization of the God state, and even to the realization of  the Absolute statelessness beyond the God state. Realize both through this series, if you feel you are ready for the direct teachings! Watching all four seasons will pretty much guarantee you glimpses and experiential access points to both enlightened states.

In addition to the Self Realization School series, there is a ton of Bentinho’s content on topics such as: the building of character, the understanding of awareness, spirituality in general, frequency, state of being, how to attract your deepest dreams to yourself, how to use parallel realities, the cosmic densities of evolution, the Law of One, how to become fully of service-to-others, shepherding consciousness, and how to elevate your entire existence to be one epic, beneficial thrill-ride of passionate life-energy!

At you also have the option to pay per retreat if you do not wish to subscribe. But you will save a lot of money by subscribing, plus much more content will become available to the subscriber that is not for sale outside of the subscription. All of the retreats, plus the Self Realization School series are free of additional charge once you are subscribed.

Bentinho’s Books

Super-Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life

Super Accelerated Living will give you the tools to radically upgrade your life. This advanced yet practical guide details the next phase of manifestation for seekers who are already highly empowered. Where many are finding plateaus and paradoxes, this book provides a broader perspective that demystifies the mechanics of manifestation. How do you remain unswayed yet flexible? Excited yet relaxed? Determined yet free from attachment to outcome—especially when desired results still seem distant? Bentinho Massaro clearly guides you through the mental challenges that appear just before a desire is about to manifest. Learn to maintain your desired frequency and effortlessly attract the experiences you seek. Super Accelerated Living helps you live these concepts, not just understand them. Available on

More books in the works!

Bentinho has more books coming soon, including:

Trinfinity Academy

This three-volume book captures the teachings from Bentinho’s online school, Trinfinity Academy presents Bentinho’s original, super-clear teachings on Enlightenment, Empowerment and Infinity, each in its own separate volume. has been enjoyed by thousands of seekers all over the world since it first came online in 2013. It will soon be available in book form as well.

Inescapable Awareness: 365 Days of Quotes by Bentinho Massaro

This small-size “art book” features some of Bentinho’s most profound quotes—one for each day of the year—accompanied by beautiful images. We anticipate it will be printed sometime in 2019.