For influential and wealthy individuals who can help us make a difference as we help them experience differently

Note: Private sessions with Bentinho are reserved for the famous, people with great influence who wish to become more awake and align their service-to-others, and/or high net-worth individuals who can further empower our mission by funding our work.

*Serious applications only. Less than a handful of applicants will be selected. Apply while the handful of slots are still open.
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All inquiries we receive—whether accepted or rejected—will be handled with great confidentiality by our core team. We appreciate and directly understand the importance and sensitivity of privacy for influential people and game changers in today’s world.

As long as we feel your application is legitimate and sincere, we will get back to you within two weeks of receiving your application.

With great joy for (y)our evolution, we are looking forward to working together for the greater good of all, through greatly up-leveling and streamlining your unique expression of Divinity in this world.