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This is the article Bentinho wrote describing the original 6-month 133 Shepherds; Generating Civilization Upgraders program. The original program consisted of TIER 1 and TIER 2, which were slightly different in their offerings. Both TIERs are now closed to new members, however the entire Civilization Upgraders program is available for purchase. You can read more about this new offering of the Civilization Upgraders program and sign up for it here:

Civilization Upgraders Online Course


I am no longer teaching weekly sessions publicly. I will be greatly reducing or eliminating my pre-planned public retreats. I will be less accessible on Facebook etc.

Going forward, I will focus on those who either want full Self-Realization, AND/OR are looking to become civilization upgraders and believe in the potential of an 'Enlightened Civilization by 2035, ready for interstellar absorption' with all of their hearts. 

For the next six months I will focus my teachings and personal attention almost exclusively on taking 133 highly committed and already adept students into the next phase of their journey: to become Leaders and Civilization Upgraders who have penetrated into Shepherding-Consciousness, and potentially Mirror-Consciousness (all terms explained further down).

The spiritual journey is only personal and individual for so long. Arguably, at a certain stage it becomes necessary to become more than just a person and to embrace other-selves as one’s very own self in order to make further quantum leaps in one’s ascension.

When an entity reaches this major turning point in their spiritual life, where they attain a high enough maturity and purity level to deeply desire to be of service in a powerful way, they suddenly have to deal with unique challenges and opportunities that they did not have to deal with when their journey was mostly personal and individual.


Not many manage to make this leap successfully, as the gravitational pull of their personal conditioning when not exposed to clear and consistent guidance regarding the next phase, is often simply too attractive. This is, on one level, unfortunate as this is exactly what this world and spirituality at large needs right now, in my opinion.

To be frank, I do not enjoy working, living or interacting with people who live predominantly for themselves. I want to work with those who live for the whole and are not afraid to take risks and devote themselves to something more than just their own circumstances. I now feel they deserve my personal attention the most, because they will make the biggest difference to the whole.

It's no longer a good use of my personal time to wait for those not yet willing. They can repeat until they are ready for the next phase.

I want to inspire and guide those who are currently at this threshold of going from identifying oneself as an individual person, to desiring deeply to be an embodiment of truth for others or—in the rare case of a Mirror Being—for the entire collective.

These are not easy tasks, I’ll tell ya. They require proper guidance (or an exceptionally driven innate talent and a thin veil) in order to be navigated positively and mastered.

It’s all too easy to get lost when you find yourself at this delicate threshold between the personal and the impersonal life, and you can waste decades not knowing clearly how to proceed or who you are to become at this stage of your journey.

If you are at this threshold, if you recognize/resonate with these words and if you wish to accelerate that much more, this program will prove to be invaluable to the rest of your life.

I haven’t found anything out there offering this perspective thoroughly, and it is highly needed at this time when many souls are waking up to their potential and wondering about their truest their reason for being here. 


Many of you feel this calling instinctively, but your environment has not provided you with the proper tools and understandings for you to successfully deal with the challenge of bridging old and future worlds, personal and impersonal—both inwardly and externally—while potentially balancing a private and public life as well.

3 States of Consciousness
& 2 Levels of Leadership

Definitions used (and explained):

1) Person-consciousness
2) Shepherding-Consciousness
3) Mirror Being

1: Leaders
2: Civilization Upgraders



1) Person-consciousness describes the state of an entity who is identified with—and lives primarily for the sake of benefitting—their own body, mind, emotions and immediate circumstances. Sometimes they focus on the Spirit aspect of their being, but it is inevitably focused on as something that could benefit the self, rather than the whole, in this state of consciousness.

This is the state of your ‘average Joe’—Even that of most spiritual seekers. No offense. This is the state from which most of us begin the spiritual journey.

2) Shepherding-Consciousness describes the state of an entity who is identified with—and lives primarily for the sake of benefitting—the body, mind, spirit and circumstances of other-selves. Their devotion includes taking care of their own mind/body/spirit and circumstances, but a Shepherd sees their own perceived needs as equal to that of others, rather than seeing them as more important than the needs of others.

Even though the Shepherd sees all needs as equally valid, he/she has attained a level of energetic self-sufficiency and empowerment that allows him/her to give and radiate much more than he/she believes he/she needs to take or receive. In fact, the mature or advanced Shepherd realizes that, in truth, there is no taking or receiving; there is only what one gives and radiates to one’s own experience.

A Shepherd is one who has become the vision for the benefit of all.

One who has attained Shepherding-Consciousness sees his/her mental, emotional and physical bodies and their functions, time, energy, gifts and challenges not as personal, but as vehicles, and as a means to accelerate the grounding of our collective’s secret hope for an incredible future.

A Shepherd successfully contributes to the upgrading of this civilization simply as an effect of their spiritual attainment—their radiance. Their devotion and purity of intent for service-to-others gives off a frequency that already raises the vibration of the collective, even before any physical action has been undertaken.


3) Mirror-Consciousness describes the statelessness of the Mirror Being; an entity who is no longer identified with anything in particular, and as such, lives primarily for the sake of benefitting and mirroring the collective as a whole. Reflecting the whole, while in this state, is automatic.

To look at someone established in the Mirror-Being 'state' is the same as looking into a mirror that is reflecting yourself and the collective of this planet. There is no ‘them.’ A mirror has no image of its own.

Mirror-Consciousness is the state of the Sage. One who has penetrated beyond The Great Illusion of Creation. This is the highest state of being of service. A Mirror still has access to the vision that benefits all, but has also transcended being identified with it.

A Mirror Being has penetrated into the Absolute-beyond-Consciousness, or at the very least, is inundated to a high extent with an awareness of itself as the eternal and formless non-dual Love-Isness-Awareness. It sees this illusion as empty of inherent existence. The Mirror Being no longer feels that objects truly exist as independent things; even whilst seemingly interacting with them from a place of service to the whole.


The Matrix Analogy

An analogy for Mirror-Consciousness is like Neo in the Matrix having penetrated beyond the illusion, fully unplugged from it, realizing the Matrix is just a program, but is still able to re-enter this illusion and operate beneficially for the evolution of those whose consciousness is still plugged into the Matrix.

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Where the Shepherd has learned about the Matrix not being real by hearing about it from others and developing an intuitive sense of that truth and acts according to this knowledge to benefit others, the Mirror Being has actually been unplugged from the Matrix, knows what it's like to exist entirely apart from it, and yet allow for its vehicles to participate in it.

Person-consciousness is oblivious to the nature of this illusion and the extent to which they are controlled by it; they operate much like a slave to the system. I say this with compassion.

Intelligent Infinity Operating Through a Body/Mind/Spirit

The Mirror Being has, in this unplugging process, transmuted their body/mind/spirit to become entirely reflective of the collective consciousness of humanity when it is interacting with the Illusion, while simultaneously being a receiver of the Universal/Cosmic agenda as it meets Earth as well.

A Mirror Being is essentially Intelligent Infinity operating through a single mind/body/spirit complex while incarnate on Earth, unobstructed by personal bias and motivation.

One who is predominantly anchored in the statelessness of Mirror-Consciousness (unless living reclusively) will be a living paradox, a shock to the established system, and impossible to understand to those who still live predominantly as individuals or beginning shepherds.

Living life as a Mirror Being is the most challenging-yet-effortless, dangerous-yet-safest, confrontational-yet-loving, confident-yet-humble, rebellious-yet-surrendered way to utilize one’s body/mind/spirit.

A Mirror Being knows itself as that which transcends the mind/body/spirit complex, and thus can choose to organize and offer up its mind/body/spirit complex as a pure vessel for the Creator’s Infinite Non-Dual Intelligence and Love to pass through freely into the illusion of duality and polarity, while never actually becoming a part of it.

The Mirror Being functions to this world like an open window functions to the air inside a room. The Mirror Being IS a living tear in the fabric of this illusory matrix; a reminder of something absolute, transcendental, singular, infinite and all-encompassing.

Although a Mirror Being IS the resolve of any paradox; to those still plugged into the matrix of the collective mind they will appear as an absolute paradox; a walking contradiction. This is inevitable. Only a person-consciousness can 'fit into this world' without drawing attention to itself.


A Shepherd is a Mirror Being In Progress

Shepherding-Consciousness is the state we pass through on our way to Mirror-Consciousness. It is the test we need to complete. A Shepherd is an aspiring Mirror, and emulates some of the qualities of a Mirror, but it still has the distortion of an individuated sense of self that almost always inevitably interferes with the purity of the mirroring process.

A Shepherd is a distorted mirror, like one of those funny, wobbly mirrors you find at a circus. You can see yourself in them, but the reflections offered back to you are still somewhat biased. To what degree they are biased depends entirely on the maturity and emptiness-of-self attained by the Shepherd.

Nevertheless, a Shepherd is true enough to be fit for service and can make a real difference in this world both on the inner and outer planes. It is the purity of the Shepherd's intention that makes him fit to begin his journey into becoming a Civilization Upgrader.

Through practice and dedication to the highest truth, and through demonstrating relentless purity in service-to-others, the Shepherd gradually sheds its biases and fears and enhances its capacity to mirror without distortion, thus familiarizing itself in the process with the stateless state of a Mirror Being.

A Shepherd is a Mirror Being in progress.

From The Law of One:

Ra: I am Ra. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold.
One, know yourself.
Two, accept yourself.
Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves.

In relation to the pursuit of the magical working the continuing discipline of the personality involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the great indigo gateway to the Creator.

To become the Creator is to become all that there is. There is then no personality in the sense with which the adept begins its learn/teaching. As the consciousness of the indigo ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done; more may be expressed from intelligent infinity.



Leaders and Civilization Upgraders are both beings who have decided to be unafraid to use their personal lives to stick their heads out above the crowd, in order to be an example of something that inspires the crowd to think, act and be in new, different and harmonious ways.

Of these two:

Leaders could generally be said to pertain to a particular niche, say, as part of a company or field of expertise within which they shine and innovate. Leaders do not necessarily have to go beyond person-consciousness and don’t need to sacrifice a whole lot of their personal lives in order to serve as an example in their field.

Leaders can live quite ordinary lives and don’t have to be living paradoxes to those around them. Leaders can keep the same friends they had in high school and stay really close with them, for example, without too much difficulty :-). Shepherds and Mirrors will find this increasingly more difficult to maintain, since in their sacrifice of a personal self, they become more paradoxical as they start mirroring more purely.

Misunderstanding by loved ones and the world at large is one of the main catalysts that helps point out to the aspiring Shepherd where he/she still holds on to the idea of a personal self. Seeing this offers the seeker the opportunity to further purify its intentions, its emptiness-of-self, and its mirroring capacity.

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Civilization Upgraders (CUs) are next-level leaders who have penetrated into Shepherding-Consciousness, and potentially Mirror-Consciousness. They have transcended being identified with just their own body/mind/spirit complex. To them, this incarnation is a play, a game, a school—their incarnation is understood by themselves to be a tool which serves a greater purpose.

A Civilization Upgrader sees no greater purpose in life but to be of service as purely as he/she can and to learn as much as he/she can.

The fundamental shift in perspective from seeing life as something that’s for your comfort and safety, or something to 'consume', to seeing life as an adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime ;-) school of learning and service-to-others—where one radiates a specific message and vibration—is necessary in order to begin your journey into being a CU.

CUs live only to embody and express this higher purpose; not to sustain or secure a comfortable personal, emotional, relational, financial or physical life—although they don’t resist comfort and stability either, as long as it's in alignment with their service.

In fact, they embrace abundance and comfort in playful, powerful and skillful ways that help them increase their capacity to serve. But comfort is simply not their focus or aim, as it automatically is in the state of person-consciousness.

True altruism is nearly impossible from the state of person-consciousness.

There is just too much personal perspective (bias) surrounding the energetic field of a person-consciousness for them to see and hear clearly, and to operate in service to others based on higher, non-linear truths and understandings. They may have conceptual understandings, but they cannot yet grok the paradox and depth of true transpersonal devotion and service.

How can you tell if someone is limited to mostly conceptual understandings and the state of person-consciousness? The degree to which they cannot yet grok paradox and parallel realities is usually the degree to which they are still identified as a person.

A person sees linearly and singularly; they will mistaken the mirror's paradox for double standards, and the shepherds ability to perceive parallel realities as delusion, since the person will always try to fit multiple dimensions into its one-dimensional way of knowing objects and relationships. 


CUs often lead in more than one field. 

They lead not just as a person, but by embodying something truly transpersonal, extraordinarily pure, and futuristic (and simultaneously ancient, original and timeless) in everything they are, do and represent.

Their services generally cover more than one niche simply by virtue of their uncontainable brightness and desire to be of service to an Awakened and Upgraded Civilization.

Primary Intention: To Make A Positive Difference

Whereas Leaders may limit the amount of risk they take to a fairly small and comfortable circle—because they still value comfort and certainty over radical benefit for all—CUs on the other hand, are not afraid to play big. They realize they did not come here to be comfortable and secure with their physical body or their personal emotions. They came here to make a difference for the whole (including themselves), not just to benefit themselves.

Making a difference is what CU's live for. That’s why they are sometimes perceived as "dangerous" by the status quo (which is simply a group of persons); CUs cannot be controlled, and although CUs are the best thing to ever happen to a civilization, they are often confronted with opposition, fear and destruction.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Rob Siltanen (in collaboration with Steve Jobs for apple's comeback ad campaign)

If you look at our history, it’s never been those aligned with the status quo who did something truly impactful for the collective and future generations.

This does not make them unworthy or less valid beings, not at all, but there is a reason you don't know anything about that one average joe from 200 years ago; they did not make a noticeable difference to the collective, which again is totally OK but worth observing so we can reflect on who it is we want to be and what we wish to contribute to this world.

WHY did we incarnate?

It has always been those willing to stick their heads out above the crowd and inspire something ahead of its time—whether spiritual, social, technical or material in nature—that have made a noticeable difference which upgraded the civilization. 

The CUs of the past have often been killed or prevented from doing their work by the very people who, years or generations later, benefited deeply from their actions.

My message to you today is this:
Anybody with an aligned will, endless dedication to make a difference and a deep transpersonal understanding of themselves can become a Civilization Upgrader.


The Actual '133 Shepherds' Program: 

The spiritual intention behind the 133 Shepherds - Generating Civilization Upgraders program is to liberate people from the inevitably sheep-like state of person-consciousness, and turn them into true Shepherds—and in rare cases—Mirror Beings.

Its intention also is to give those born with intense seeking for truth and service-to-others an experiential home in the form of a teaching and community with which to associate, which to empower and be empowered by; a school to GREATLY accelerate their understanding of themselves and the utilization of WHY they came here.

On a more practical and worldly note, the goal of this program is to create powerful Leaders and Civilization Upgraders who are unafraid enough to be of service to humanity and accelerate its awakening, advancement, innovation, equality and harmonization so that all may benefit from our efforts and undying passion.

Remember, our mission is a Happy Civilization (by 2035 is what we are aiming for). In order to accomplish this, we need powerful and truly capable Shepherds to rise to the occasion, embrace their reason for being here, and spread their wings fearlessly.

The 133 Shepherds program will provide the tools, inspiration and examples needed for anyone to achieve this for themselves; much quicker and with much less confusion and postponement.

This Program is Why I Am Here

I have never believed in anything I have created as much as I believe in the potency of this program.

This is because this aligns completely with my own reason for being here (to remind wanderers of who they are and train them into powerful Shepherds and Civilization Upgraders) as such I can back this program up with my entire existence and put everything I am and have experienced into it. 

I can be 100% direct and expect to teach at a high level with those who are willing to participate in this program.


If you want to be part of the 133 Shepherds program and be personally guided by me and some guest speakers for the period of half a year... if you wish to find support in a profoundly committed community of other aspiring Shepherds, and if you are truly committed and already well-practiced in a lot of my work, then please read on to find out more about the program.

In a nutshell, the program requires commitment. It will blow your mind. It will upgrade you and then encourage you to 'get out there' and upgrade this civilization.

The program will allow you to reach heights impossible to attain during a single retreat. This is why I am so excited about the power in this program; I believe it will make the biggest difference in your lives I've ever been able to contribute to, and consequently every life you touch.

I guarantee the following:

I guarantee you profound results and a currently unimaginable leap in your embodiment of Wisdom and Love.

I guarantee that you will not recognize yourself as you are today, when you look back after completing the program.

I guarantee that you will have permanently altered who you are and you would not want it any other way, and if you do want it another way, you have all the tools you need to generate another 'you' entirely from scratch.

Remember: This program is for those who really feel excited about living a transpersonal life of pure dedication to something higher and bigger than just a personal life of comfort and security. This is not for everyone. At least not directly.

This is for those who know in their gut they have what it takes to participate fully aligned.


What's included in the new online course

We are offering the complete Civilization Upgraders course for purchase. You can read more about this offering and sign up for it here: Civilization Upgraders online course. This course includes:

  • Exclusive private Facebook (FB) group in which you can interact with other dedicated adepts.

  • Recorded video sessions of 1 to 2 hours, where Bentinho answers key trends, challenges and questions from the original 133 Shepherds participants. 

  • Recorded video sessions of day-long online seminars (4 to 6 hours) with original group participants.

  • Recorded bonus sessions featuring guest speakers on certain niche-topics. Example: Anurag Gupta on finding your calling or Annie Hart guiding participants into an experience of Divine Love.


$199 per month for 12 months, or $1988 for one up-front payment ($400 discount)