2018 = Boss Year: May you accomplish everything you've always wanted to accomplish

At exactly midnight, new Year Eve, the first second of 2018, the word "Boss Year" came through. "2018 is gonna be Boss Year." I chuckled but I felt the vibration behind it as being what mattered. So I repeated it several times to anchor it in. 2018 is going to be Boss Year.

I sounded like an idiot but the empowerment it offered to my vehicles so that they can be of even greater service was somehow palpable and useful for something to align more fully. Like an adjustment of the channels; like an empowering mantra that reshapes the energetic and physical illusions in a certain way. Some words just hit the right spot at the right time to change certain vibrational equations in our field, which can have massive results on a relative level.

Try it on. Maybe it works for you as well. See if you can feel it in your bones while you speak it. 2018 is going to be Boss Year! :D

Quick update

The amount of 'work' I'm getting done since no longer living a domestic, local, routine life is insane.

Coming out of an intensely demanding time with lots of energetics moving through my vehicles, clearing me out, churning my guts, and transmuting massive loads of negativity into Gold... I'm now, like after a good purge, naturally so high and in flow with all my vehicles (bodies) that I'm oblivious to my physical body (in a really good way) during pretty much my entire waking time.

It's just typing away, hardly needs/wants food (1 delicious meal a day for fun and mental nourishment more than physical) and moving from productive dialogue to productive request to productive offer to productive inspiration to productive manifestation.

While I'm wide awake, rested in the bridge between my lower bodies and my Absolute Self, my vehicles are in constant flow/channeling/mirroring mode within this Illusion. There is no thought or doubt about anything. No stopping to think about things. Why would I? All flows with infinite intelligence, why interrupt infinite intelligence in flow? Interrupting or doubting God's flow is called ego.

Faith/Let Go is the dissolution of ego and initiates the merger with God. Then, this does not mean you won't do anything per se, for it may then request of your bodies to become an example and a vessel for a message. You become an expression of something true. God's perfect timing and intelligence and balancing capacities then speaks through your bodies. It is the Whole acting through a part. This can only be done when the person surrenders its sense of self.


There's no person here to argue with this high-octane flow of constant output and inward bliss. My body is in a heightened state. Like being plugged in to a higher-dimensional electricity grid. Like a tool used by some other force. It's being carried. It's feeling weightless. It's like being in the channeling state that channels enter into, except being in it pretty much 24/7 in whatever 'I' does.

Finally getting stuff done physically almost as quickly as the deeper blueprints responsible for 'my' incarnation would like to get done energetically/inspirationally. Not quite as fast yet of course, how could it (non-physical planes operate much more instantly than physical execution) but the execution part is getting faster as the body is becoming a ridiculously efficient, productive machine for the benefit of all.

Over the years my bodies have been reshaped, restructured, optimized, re-aligned and recrystallized by the Infinite One, to be able to support more voltage in coming through with less distortion, and with greater output both energetically, mentally and physically.

And it's all I want to do. No distractions, no Wholefoods trips, no Sedona hikes, no meeting with people, no occasional cigars (for now :-)), no occasional whiskey (for now :-)), no discussions (for ever I hope ;-) )... Just pure creation happening effortlessly all the fucking time right in front of my eyes, hardly real at all... like a lucid dream with no substance but Love, Light, Bliss and Pure Beyondness pouring in.

Nothing else seems interesting except living a free, epic, adventurous life, producing beneficial content and reflections while being in constant flow state, with an awakeness within that which transcends the flow state at the same time.

The moments when I'm not producing physically I don't need to hold the position of being a bridge/channel in order for my individuated bodies to produce the content channeled from the Higher Bodies connected to the Collective's Blueprint for Change. Hence, this 'break' from 'work' allows me to sink my consciousness completely into one direction, rather than one eye in, one eye out. What results is a profound bliss and dissolution.

You can equate this to some extent to a physical body after a day of hard work in the field coming home and taking a shower, or a bath, or getting a massage and gulping on coconut water. 

Except I do this non-physically more so than physically: I tune all my bodies back into God. A Oneness with God ensues, where even the conscious mind is completely absorbed as THAT as well, and all sense of space, time, location and limitation disappear even more than it is already subdued in the heightened flow state I'm in when productive. Now only God Is.

Only Love-Isness-Light-Freedom-Formless-Nondual-Awareness remains, and an Infinite Absolute Reality upon which this Infinite Awareness rests is sensed deeply. This is Bliss. Peace. Redemption. The Ultimate Home of All. Liberation. And it is, in truth, ever accessible to anyone willing to practice. This is my shower, my bath, my nectar, my sustenance.

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So good. So magical. So free. Nobody can touch me, or you, or what we are here to create. For it is all made of us. Same thing. One Being. One expanse. One Creation.

2018 is going to be amazing for everyone connected to this community and sincere about applying the teachings and upgrading this civilization.

I'm going to focus on those who want it, deserve it, are ready for it, and are loving it. Those who can see the vision of what this collective can be and what it needs in order to be that. Those who live not just to please themselves, although that is beautiful and totally allowed and welcomed as well, but it is not the goal. I am here for the Shepherds of this world. I love you and I see your purpose and wish to empower it as best I can.

We will be an online family of incredible love, power, integration, freedom, support and a collective example of infinite possibilities. An example of what humanity can be like if it chooses to match a similar vibration.

Sending you all productive and yet perfect love. May your lives streamline ever more as well, may the redundant and the untrue fall off of your beingness as effortless as leaves fall from a tree in then the timing is right.

And may your mind, body and circumstances become the vessels for everything you ever wanted to accomplish, attract, enjoy, learn, know, express and everything you came here to be for this collective transformation that is occurring.

May you leave your unique legacy successfully and in epic fashion. May 2018 be your fucking year of success and liberation from your conditioned self at the same time.

All is well. Everything is going so well for you. Every day in every way. Blessings.

With never-ending Love, as the Creator within all of you,


PS - Excited to step up into becoming a Leader/Shepherd/Upgrader? See: Shepherds, Mirrors, Leaders & Civilization Upgraders.

Even if you're not interested in the 6-month program, it's still a worthwhile read. I recommend you read the descriptions of Shepherd, Mirror, and Civilization Upgrader for inspiration.