Bahamas Interview Part 1 - Working with People and Groups

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 1: Working with People and Groups

Cory: What do you tune into when you work with people?

Bentinho: Everything I can ever access is already available within the field of consciousness. When I speak, when I pick up on something, it’s usually something that is non-physically available to me—meaning it’s not yet obvious in the moment, but I sense the probability of it unfolding in that person or in that group, or its subconscious relevance that people are not yet picking up on. I then translate that; I sense it, I pick it up, I feel it and I give it words. I give it some kind of logical explanation, some kind of an instruction, perhaps.

I reflect what I am picking up, but people don’t always immediately know what it is that has been spoken. They usually recognize that something about it is true, although sometimes they don’t. If the separation is still too distinct between the conscious mind and whatever is going on non-physically or unconsciously or subconsciously, then they might not be able to recognize it at all. They might think I’m saying something crazy or maybe they just don’t understand any of it.

But as time passes, the non-physical things that I could already feel swirling around start to enter that person’s experiential reality—the slice they are used to focusing on; the frequency range they are aware of. When it manifests itself more physically, more obviously, more consciously, then they can put the pieces together and their Higher Mind will usually give them a memory of what I’ve said that will click-in that knowledge and make sense of it. So, in a sense, I am working together with the Higher Mind to drop some seeds. Sometimes these seeds are known or understood immediately, although oftentimes they are not, in which case, it is recognized later on.

Cory: Is there anything we can do to speed up the expansion of our consciousness ?

Bentinho: It’s a bit a cliche but, “You can’t be ready before you’re ready.” I mean, I’m not aware of the things I’m not aware of until I’m aware of them, because I don’t yet have the capacity to integrate that information, that knowledge, in a way that’s in alignment with my overall journey, my overall consciousness. This is necessary so that I don’t disintegrate; so that I don’t lose my mind.

So, from this perspective, you could say, “No, you can’t rush ahead of yourself.” But in a way you can, by simply having a strong desire. I have seemingly achieved more levels of consciousness than most people have. Why is it that I’ve been able to do this at my young age? What has sped this up, other than a very strong inclination, is that, ever since I can remember, I’ve had a strength of intention, a sense that nothing else matters, a sense that I have to figure this out, I want to know these things, I want to understand.

The stronger your drive is, the stronger your desire is, the faster the process of integration. It’s a matter of becoming aware of new things and levels and then integrating them; becoming aware of new frequency domains within your own consciousness and within other people’s consciousnesses and within the collective consciousness—and then integrating it all. This is a gradual process, because it wouldn’t make sense for a kid to suddenly have all of the knowledge of, for example, a top-level accountant. If a four-year-old kid suddenly had all of that information, he would not have any any “cabinets” to “file it in.” And so, the integration process would not serve him. 

We all have a deeper aspect of our consciousness, which we could loosely call our “Higher Mind.” The Higher Mind is in charge of guiding us through the processes of life, one step at a time, at a pace we are comfortable with integrating. You will find that, even when you have a desire to know certain things, you aren’t always shown these things immediately. They will unfold over time, because you don’t have those “cabinets” yet; you don’t yet have the capacity to integrate it properly.

So, in answer to your question, yes and no. There is a way to actively speed up integration, which is simply to state your intention more vividly. Well, not exactly your intention, because you already have the intention, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this question or watching this interview. The intention for evolution of consciousness, for expansion of consciousness, is there. What is required is that you prioritize that above all else, or at least above a lot of other things. If this prioritization has not yet taken place—if you haven’t seen very clearly within yourself what is truly important to you, versus all of the other things that might be nice, but aren’t as important to you—then you aren’t really honing your vibrational frequency to the point where you can have the preciseness, the accurateness, and the focus to penetrate into new layers of consciousness, be they subconscious or unconscious or simply new material. You will not have the power.

You can’t hammer a piece of paper into the wall, but you can hammer a nail into the wall very easily; it doesn’t require any effort. In other words, you must become more specific and precise in your prioritization of Self, in what is truly important to you—what is truly important to your life, what is truly important to the world. And if it plugs into your personal theme, you may ask yourself, “What is important for this collective?” This is something very relevant for my own questioning. If you do this, you will find the crystallization of that intensity, of that intention, of that desire, from a sort of one-pointedness that very easily penetrates those levels.

You have to understand that you must surrender. You have to let it come when it comes (when you’re ready for it), but you can do whatever is necessary to be ready for it, to be in a receptive state. The receptive state is not usually like being couch-potato. It is more like a readiness without anxiety—a readiness to receive without demanding or insisting that it should come now or in a particular way. It’s like joining this higher energy, which is descending upon you, if you want to visualize it in that way. This higher cosmic guidance, or consciousness, can only be received and surrendered to. But, in order to receive it, you can’t be closed off, watching your favorite television show. It can come in that way too—and sometimes that’s the perfect way to get it—but when it comes to rapidly penetrating new levels of consciousness, new layers of consciousness, the meeting point needs to be brought up a notch, so to speak.

It is a combination of surrender and willingness, the readiness to receive; to be in a high frequency, non-anxiety mode of enhanced perception. You have the clarity of knowing your priority. When you are in the awareness of what is truly important to you, you are in the vibrational state of that prioritized intention. And then, that level of consciousness can unveil itself to you and be integrated.