Bahamas Interview Part 3: Sensing into “The Field”

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 3: Sensing into “The Field”

Cory: Do all of us have access to probable realities?

Bentinho: For sure. In fact, from my point of view, it’s kind of funny or interesting that people don’t notice they have that access.

Cory: I think it’s a familiar concept, but you’re bringing awareness to it.

Bentinho: It’s quite literally like seeing probable vibratory fields around a particular person and around their life and around their probable futures. It’s kind of hard to explain, but instead of focusing on just the physical aspects and the physical appearance of other people, like, “This is that person over there, and this is me over here,” if we relax our focus and become more intuitive, we start thinking and sensing more from the heart or the gut, rather than from the mind of separation. Then, we have an openness where we can relate more to the space we are in, rather than to the objects that are in the space. We see the objects that are in the space, but we surround those objects with our consciousness, with our energy, with our feeling state.

If we include our feeling state in the space we are in, and the people who are walking around within that space, we can experience that there is a “field” that connects all of these objects. This field holds all of the information, and it is this field that guides these “extensions” that we call “physical bodies” to move in a certain way or to say this or that.

You can pick up on things in the field because you are aware of the field. Perhaps you are aware of the field with your gut or your heart, but you are caught up in your mind, so you aren’t aware of the things you are actually aware of. Maybe you feel awkward because something feels off, but you have no clue as to what’s going on. Once you are able to tune into the field, if you feel awkward, you are able see why you are feeling awkward—because there is a ripple in the field. Something happened that was out of alignment for one person in the group, and now other people are responding to it with their lack-beliefs and they get twisted… and then you have this social awkwardness feeling.

If you bring your feeling state, your inner intuition and sensitivity, into the field that contains all of the objects, you can actually become aware of it and know what’s going on. You can influence it and be the clearest person in the room, and if necessary, guide it back into alignment.

Because you are tuned into that field, you also experience phenomena, like telepathy, or knowing what people are experiencing and that kind of stuff. Last week, I was with a group of friends whom I know from my teenage years in Holland. They aren’t really into this stuff—well, one or two people are sort of into it. We were playing this card game and at some point I said, “Pick a card in your mind,” and I guessed the card. My friend was like, “Oh shit!” Then, I asked someone else to pick a card, and it took me two tries to get the second one right. At that point, my friend got a little freaked out, but in a fun way—she makes everything funny. It wasn’t a big deal, but she said, “Now I’m afraid you can know what I am thinking! When I’m thinking really dirty thoughts, can you look into my brain?” And I said, “Well, it’s not exactly like that. It’s more that I can experience whatever you experience.” So, she was a little freaked out, but it was kind of funny.

It was funny because I’m used to being around people who understand telepathy and such. It was fun being in a house with eight other people for a week who are not into it. It was like being in a completely different world, just being a buddy or a friend. It was an interesting moment because it showed me the contrast between how used to this I am and how little some people are used to it—how weird or foreign of a concept it still is.       

It’s interesting to me that we are swimming in this ocean of vibration, we are swimming in this field that connects all of the people who are in that field—including the whole collective, including the whole universe. Everything is accessible in that way. But very few people know this or understand it. And when science or evidence is provided to show that it’s possible—for example through guessing the card you have in your mind—the fact that it still freaks people out is interesting to me because it’s such a natural concept for me now. 

So yeah, everyone has access to it. It’s just that we don’t know that we do. When we do know, we can open up in that way. Everyone can access it, and we can all start to communicate with fewer words. Then, when words are spoken, perhaps we will use them to confirm things, rather than to ask about things. Or they will be used to put that “final stamp” on the balancing aspect of whatever happened energetically; they will sort of state the balance, like “abracadabra” or “open sesame”—a powerful word that confirms the balance that has already been re-established. Then words become secondary or used for fun, for joking around, or for making fun of things.

We no longer need to assume that we don’t know what’s going on with each other and then talk about it. It’s more like we know what’s going on, so let’s talk about it if we need to, or just notice it. And you can even send vibrations back and forth, or send thoughts back and forth that can then balance out the whole situation, and it’s like, “Ahhh…”

Sometimes, when I’m with someone who feels out of alignment, I can become aware of their Higher Mind and communicate with that Higher Mind to most fully serve the person. Let’s say that a person feels somewhat out of alignment or there is some confusion or seeking there. Sometimes I feel that I’m allowed to sort of “overwhelm” them by sending them vibrations of love and light, all is well, this is joyful, this is free. They can pick up on that and resolve the situation. But oftentimes, I feel that I do not have that permission because they are meant to walk through that process themselves. In this case, I am more guided to be there in the way of talking to them or investigating with them or asking them the right questions to facilitate the process.

Once in a while, it involves putting a little bit of pressure on the person, while other times it’s about taking a little bit of pressure off of them. It depends on what it feels like they require in order to pop into the next level of awareness and to integrate that properly. But it’s also fun to notice that sometimes I feel I am allowed to just “Poof!” and you can see the person thinking, “I don’t know what happened, but I feel great!” That can be helpful, but in most cases, it’s not the most helpful thing to do because then they haven’t learned as much, usually. They haven’t figured it out; they haven’t understood it and integrated it—it’s just sort of taking away their mis-alignment. And the next time it happens, that person might not have the tools they would have had, if they had figured it out—if they had gone through the somewhat tedious process of investigation and verbalization and going back and forth, until the epiphany occurs, bringing relief and connection. In this way, alignment has been established out of one’s own polishing and engagement with one’s own process.