Begin Educating Those in Your Environment—Now

Oh humanity. How innocent you are in your zombie state. You were born into and grew up in a completely manipulated, pre-programmed and carefully controlled environment. You live like a free range chicken and are very embracing of it—you defend it with your life even—as if it is all you deserve. You've become identified with the system those with influence carefully designed for you.

You are now doing the work for them. Them being those with all the money, technology, and control. Those who are of the service to self kind. You have become their puppet, and my compassion and hope is with you.

I look forward to the day when those who have hope left for awakening in this lifetime gather together in unison, reject the system and embrace or create a completely new lifestyle and consciousness together. One that is unplugged from the human-battery system that is very similar to the one shown in the movie The Matrix.

Those of you already awake spiritually, sociologically and exo-politically... I ask you to step it up 10 notches, as humanity does not have much time left in its current environment and mode of being. The illusion of comfort within this life-energy depriving system is about to enter a series of earthquakes and eruptions that will shake the very foundations of the system many believe they depend on.

And when this happens, who will be there to catch them? In their chaos, who will show them an alternate path? In their destruction, who will show them they can heal themselves?

It has to be you. All of us. Those who are awake.

One hard fact to embrace is that most probably we will not be able to 'save' everyone. Those too entrenched in zombie modetoo dependent on their misplaced trust in a man-made system that barely sustains themwill simply not feel ready to process the new information, thoughts, emotions, traumas... and will not be able to accept and integrate a new way of being.

Some people are simply too embedded in their patterns to change this fast and this late on in their lifetime. And that’s OK. We need to accept this probability, even though many of these people may be our very own family and friends. They will reject the new reality and go mad, spend the rest of their lives in denial, burn a fuse, or simply not survive.

Then there are those who have the potential to awaken but they will be in need of assistance and guidance because the changes will happen so fast that they may not have the luxury of searching for answers at their own leisurely pace. They need guidance from those who have already integrated and distilled the wisdom of the East, of the natives/ancestors, of Mother Earth her/himself, of the ETs and/or directly from the Intelligent Infinity within. 

I ask you who are aware and who already possess distilled wisdom, to begin educating those in your environment now, so you are fully prepared to aid and assist with those who will need a recovery and awakening program once disclosure and the full impact of the shift in consciousness and planetary energy occurs.

The curtains are closing rapidly upon the remains of our 3rd density Earth, while 4th density is coming into bloom. The only way to thrive and continue the transition (soon) would be by living and being of a higher vibration and increasing the 'density' or 'brightness' of self-awareness.


Help wake up the world you have access to now, while keeping your vibration rooted in unconditional love and patience. Imagine and choose the highest reality you can visualize, and commit your entire being to being an example of that most beneficial-to-all reality.

The time to wait for others has expired. It is up to you, now.

Thank you for your service. Let us activate our hidden DNA for service to others, and unite the ourselves in the process.

In the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator,

Bentinho Massaro