Can I die?

Questioner: Can I die?

Bentinho Massaro: Impossible. You can only wake up more and more.

Death is like that: you wake up from this physical dream and you merge back into the fullness of your Overall Consciousness. It's very much like waking up from a dream at night, remembering that you are back to a more continuous reality when you return to your waking consciousness. When you die, you wake up into an even more continuous Self than you are used to in waking life. You will suddenly remember aspects and realities that are part of your Overall Consciousness that will put this whole waking life dream into perspective for you.

It's like when you dream at night, you may not remember that you have kids, and a wife, and a family, and you may be having a fun dream, or a terrible nightmare, but when you wake up back into the waking state dream, you suddenly remember who you truly are, and you rejoice by remembering that your wife and kids are still here. Similarly, when you wake up into the Spirit state, you will be utterly delighted to see that your true Self is still there, as is your family, as is your overarching theme/agenda, as are your other planets, densities and realities where you have many relationships as well.

Don't rush towards death, though, even though it might sound nice for those of you in resistance or perceived limitation at this moment. Do what you came here to do, face the process as much as you can, believe in yourself, find relief, healing, and greater alignment and empowerment in changing the way you see things. Be who you came here to be as fully as you can. Nevertheless, most definitely do not be afraid of death--for what you truly are can never die. Realize this. Then play freely while still here.

Play with this dream--give it all you've got, fearlessly and truly, as sincerely as you can. Strive for the highest joy and the highest service you can provide this planet with, and when it is your time to remember who you are beyond the veil of this physical identity, you will do so with overwhelming bliss and alignment.