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Choice Versus Clarity

When we’re clear there is nothing to choose between.

I don’t believe in choosing—I believe in clarity. When we’re clear there is nothing to choose between. When there is a choice to make, it means we have forgotten who we are—we have dropped from our highest potential—and should use that seeming choice-moment as an opportunity to pause and remember who we are and what we are about at the highest level. Then the choice disappears and decision creates the clarity we seek.

Manifestation follows clarity. Clarity follows decision or true remembrance. Only the lower mind perceives choices, paths, options and consequences. You are none of these.

So much chaos and confusion simply disappears when we remember and decide on who we truly are. Then clarity and its consequent manifestation will follow suit. Stay ambiguous or doubtful, however, and you shall forever seem to be surrounded by the illusory enemy of options.

Choosing implies duality and victimhood. Deciding is singular and intentional.

Making THE Difference

There is a difference between making a difference and making THE difference. Anyone willing enough can reach into their interior resource of infinite power and clarity to contribute to making THE difference. We’re just fucking lazy and we’re still comfortable enough with tolerating that ruining our potential. But... ultimately I believe in all of you—and that faith in your ultimate selves will never fail over here. Because baby, I know you better than you know yourself. And that’s a good thing.

Make use of me. Don’t follow me, but make use of me. Love has no opposite. Faith cannot be conquered. Peace.

Anybody who makes anything that I do or say about me—whether as a lover or as a hater—completely misses the point of everything I do and say.

Don't Listen to the Crowds

Be a light unto yourself. Be something this world has never seen before. That’s why you are exactly who you are.

Don’t listen to the crowds. Not for validation, and not for guidance. The crowd generally does not know who it is or why it does what it does. That’s why it's the crowd. If the crowd likes what you do it’s generally not a compliment. If it does not understand you, you’re probably on the right track—showing them something new.

Dive deep within, find that truest part of yourself, and spend your entire life living up to that truth; become it through and through.

Learn, but never let the crowd sway you from your truth. They have no direction. Instead, be, radiate and speak—when relevant—that truth. Be a light unto yourself. Be something this world has never seen before. That’s why you are exactly who you are. It will remind others they can become true people too.

You all contain the spark of the Infinite in a unique way; only you can carry that torch on the Creator’s behalf.

Who you are cannot be put into words. When the concept-ridden mind subsides, the Light of the Infinite begins to shine through. Then, words are no longer for you; they are merely tools to assist others in awakening to the Infinite within, too.

Shepherds Versus Mirrors

Shepherds need to see beyond the reactions, haste and conclusions made based on limited oversight...

Too hasty. Too quick to judge. Too quick to conclude.

Those are weaknesses a shepherd, let alone a mirror, cannot afford him/herself to be distracted by. 

The shepherd needs oversight. Sheep react in haste, fear and limitation. Shepherds need to see beyond the reactions, haste and conclusions made based on limited oversight—to gain a fuller picture of the landscape and see what truly needs to be dealt with, if anything.

The mirror, in reality, does not deal at all with anything. He/she merely awaits forever without end from the attained depths of infinite peace, ignoring any and all reactions, thus becoming essentially one with All.

The truest solution to all problems lie in his/her beingness itself, though few know how to interact with that so directly as to extract this truest solution.

The Mirror Being’s actions are natural, unpredictable, intelligently inspired by an impersonal intelligence, spontaneous, fearless, difficult to categorize, impossible to understand by the average mind, and can range from extremely passive or invisible to incredibly ambitious or visible.

The unpredictable, uncategorizable Mirror Being will seem dangerous and threatening to the ego-based entity who is used to labeling its world in safe compartments, but in truth, the Mirror can be trusted with one’s very life and is as much in love with you as your own Higher Self is.

The Mirror Being, in truth, is least to be feared in this world out of all entities, and their paradoxical expression is a gateway into liberation for those ready to embrace it.

Smoke ring.png

The Mirror Being Teacher

 A Mirror Being teacher does not show up (in full) unless strongly called for. The desire in the student needs to be urgent and promising-of-results enough to offset the sacrifice of engaging in the speaking and the guiding of minds.

The call has to be made with the whole beingness of the entity backing up the call.

The Mirror Being only spends attention using their physical and mental apparatus on the most worthwhile causes in the relative world.

He or she naturally senses where the highest degree of energy wants to flow in this Grand Illusion, since he or she is one with the collective Self (as well as beyond it), and has transcended the biases and motivations of the smaller or individual self.

It’s the people of this world who have polluted it with their vibrations of separation. It is up to the shepherds—those aware and devoted enough to make a true difference—to correct this imbalance. Your life is NOW. Live from the highest vibration you can tap into and train yourself everyday in resting beyond the mind, realizing the spirit that is the source behind and within all things. Then, interact with this dream-world from that space. Be the state you wish the world to realize. Working in teams of like heart around the world is the most powerful.

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