Earth's Army of Love

The veiled human life—even one steeped in wisdom—is a display of endless shades of gray.

As your human body/mind complex swings from confusion to clarity, dullness to brightness, from gray clouds to colorful skies and back again—and again, and again... just remember: there is always one choice that remains as simple as black and white, my friends, and that is the choice to receive what and who comes your way with divine love and trust, or with resistance and despair.

I know it may seem inaccessible at times, but you have an infinite resource of powerful love, forgiveness and trust residing right there within your very own metaphysical heart.

May you see the Creator’s love in all things and in all beings—even in the most confused of species: the human beings. May your love radiate far and wide, and reach all people of Earth. They need the gift that you are.

Through your example—if offered—they will awaken within themselves the realization that they, too, have the power of love, and that they do not need to act in accordance with the status quo; they too can transcend normalcy and shine so bright it’ll shake the shadows.

Do not hesitate to stand out, and when you do, do so with surrender and love for all. May your example make them question their beliefs and assumptions—the prisons of their own mind—and realize their power to choose liberation and service to all.

Do not fear what will become of you; invest your every breath instead in seizing each moment as if it were your last opportunity to tell the people of this Earth that they are oh so deeply loved by their Creator, and that they no longer have to dance to the tunes of the shadows they have been programmed with. Let them know that they, too, can shine with rapturous joy, like a Sun.

Now get out there and scare your family and neighbors with ridiculous and inexplainable amounts of love. I’m counting on you, Suns of God.


The above article was taken from Bentinho's Instagram account. Follow him there for the most frequent and personal updates as well as frequent teachings, ranging from humanly inspiring to advanced teachings that point you to the infinite Beyond.