Get Over Yourself—Tough Love

For the advanced adept, radically dismissing the problem actually solves it—whereas validating the problem sustains it!

I am in love with your potential, not with who you take yourself to be. You’re mostly blind. You’re ruining your life; no one else is. Most of you are nowhere near who you truly are.

People’s egos don’t like tough love. But who cares? Only those who are also weakened and afraid of judgment care. Those are not friends; those are consensual social masturbators. They come to you for attention and validation—not to empower your potential or to benefit the world. They can’t love you until they love themselves.

Hate me for it now; love me for it later. You can always unsubscribe if you’re not ready to transcend the false.

Furthermore, every single problem you have with me (or anyone else) is your own. I know this because I don’t go to your page and complain about you. That would be my problem. You come here and some of you complain, or you read an article and form an opinion of an entity you’ve never met. That is 100% you. I don’t take from you—I only give of myself. You choose to take it, leave it, or get triggered.

People think it’s dangerous to not take on other’s opinions. The opposite is true: The world is dying because those bright enough to make the difference take on other people’s views.

I don’t care about opinions—because if I did, it would just be a matter of time before I’d be stuck again. I love you, but I like my freedom too much to take on the perspectives that currently ruin your life, which you think are valuable views.

Get this: you currently have EVERYTHING you need to get over your not-self, and become more of your true self—your FREE self. Simply stop defending your not-self as if it were you. That’s not self love; it’s self hatred. Don’t take anything personally that triggers you, and regain your free will from the mess of the collective mind which you inherited in the form of your own mind.

This incoherent civilization taught you your addiction to low self-esteem and now you’re afraid of who you’d become in the eyes of others if you dropped these limitations. Yes, you’ll lose a lot of friends. So what? You’re worth losing friends over, and they are worthy of an authentic example like you.

Much love, my courageous brothers and sisters. Let’s upgrade this civilization.