How being unafraid of death makes you come truly alive

Our lives are but temporary, intentional expressions of who we are before, during and after this incarnation. Do not be blinded by or cling to your life, for such limited view will distort the very intention from which your consciousness created this life. Let death open your eyes so True Life can flow through you and into this world. 


Most people that I meet seem to live in an unconscious assumption that they are going to live forever, looking forward only to 'the rest of their life.' They think they are here 'to be alive,' when in actuality they are here because of an intention they had before incarnating. Life is not meant to just 'be lived as one's own,' rather it is meant to be understood as a temporary expression flowing out of one's eternal Soul.

People who get blinded by the limited scope of this life, often have goals that are oriented toward their establishment in this particular life (maintenance): accumulation, security, ensuring they are building the life they wish to have in the future, seeking safe, solid ground, steady does it, lots of preparation, hopes, expectations, needs, etc.

While I fundamentally don't judge anything, I do feel it's helpful to share observations and trends so we can become more conscious of these tendencies that limit our free will and greatly and painfully distort our connection to Spirit and Truth.

Death is ever imminent; what keeps me alive?

To me it is ever obvious that I could pop out of my physical life at any given moment, if purposefulness runs out.

We all have a life line of sorts which connects our consciousness to our bodily expression for as long as it is relevant and purposeful to be here. For me this purpose-line that connects me to this body and density consists of only one type of energy, and that is service to this collective. There is no other reason for my being here. Sure I learn (or rather remember) a lot, and refine very subtle dynamics and balances, but those are necessary side effects for me to be who I can be to then support humanity's transition. And these lessons and refinements once they pass a certain threshold of subtlety, are bonuses as they then start refining Soul's (im)balances which helps me progress (dissolve more into All That Is) at a Soul level after this life. But the clear and primary intention for being here is to be of service to this density/world.

Here are some examples of what determines whether I stick around or not: 

Do I (still) have a purpose here? Does my presence add value to this planet? Can I transform a system or niche that no one else can at this moment? Can I bring clarity where there is a lack thereof? Can I reinvent a system or service or bust a collective taboo or belief that is outdated and holds people back from entering a full-fledged fourth density civilization?

Can I teach by example by embodying and consequently transparently sharing some type of niche-journey, a unique passion, or by demonstrating struggle, failure or achievement that others can extract learning from to apply to the acceleration of their lives? Can I increase the overall frequency of planet Earth/humanity?

If any of these questions is a strong energetic YES, I stick around. If that ever fails to be the case, I will disappear. You see, nobody will never have to be sad over my death. It only means to fulfilled my intention for being here.

This awareness of human life as a highly temporary, intentional appearance and inevitable disappearance gives me a fearlessness and sense of scope/perspective that not many people carry with them consciously on a day to day basis. 

You can never be free with something you identify with. Hence I say dis-identify with 'your life' so you can be free while living.

Most people identify with this particular life, and forget that they are Death, or rather the eternal beingness-consciousness they are beyond incarnation. As a result, we have all the struggle, greed, fear, victimization and weakness that we have, because we give way too much significance to comfort, safety, longevity, maintenance. We forget all the qualities that I believe matter significantly more: Inspiration, service, love, compassion, purpose, transmission, fearlessness, play, bravery, acts of courage, transparence, adventure, radical changes, super acceleration.

Prioritize Your Soul’s Purpose for this Life

Think about it. Practically everyone arounds you wakes up each day thinking this life is just the way it is, that it is the container for their identity and they make tiny little steps each day in the direction of greater safety or marginal growth, attempting to ensure greater happiness down the line, or accumulate more things for their future. Attempting to control destiny and freedom.

Most people we know have been doing this for decades, and still they have not arrived; they are not happy. They change at the pace of a snail. They miss incredible opportunities to find magic and union with God through this magnificent adventure we call life...

You see, when we give our temporary life too much significance, we start stagnating and slowly kill ourselves. We block the fountain of youth, the power of grace, the abundance of fearless living. We don't learn nearly as much of the lessons as this incarnation can hold for us because we do not prioritize the real reason we are here, over the life itself. We stop accelerating. We start overthinking. We block our hearts, limit our potential expression in this life, the amounts of lives we can touch, and our sense of freedom. 

To feel like your life is the container for your identity, makes you feel small and vulnerable, like a victim. And consequently you start prioritizing safety and maintenance or accumulation over truth, growth, learning, giving, expressing, and yes... living.

Those people who have developed an acute awareness of their imminent death can see that this life is a meaningless game that we can make entirely our own, according to our purpose and Soul's intentions. We can make this life so much more incredible and worthwhile when we stop giving it so much significance. See it for what it is: an expression of your soul.

When you give the vehicle through which you came here to express yourself more significance (survival, safety, comfort, security) than why you came here (to live freely, fully, and to give, bust paradigms, love, teach, and learn), you have begun dying.

This is why longevity practices and learning about the body can only benefit us so much: ultimately the best way to stay young forever, is to understand your particular intention for being here and by prioritizing your soul's purpose for this life over the vehicle which you created to express that purpose.

Look into taking care of the body and its circumstances all you want, you will find nothing but the inevitability of death, missed freedom, and a misplacement of priority.

How many times per day do we get lost in the details of this life, all because we don't acknowledge our inevitable departure from this physical plane? All because we are looking forward only into 'the rest of our life.' We are planning ahead. We forget to live. We're not futuristic enough. We're fooled by our minds who take this physical incarnation to be our identity, and thus we prevent an unspeakable joy and adventurous purity from entering our Hearts and expressing through us, finding root in this Density for others to learn from and feel more alive from.

We are here to create and experience change and transformation; we are here to mess things up in the best and most radical way possible.

Please remember that death is far more true, eternal, and certain than this incarnation! Don't put the cart before the horse. Do not be blinded by the assumption that you are living a life that is in any way significant. Understanding the insignificance of this life is key to attaining immortality and eternal love/joy/liberation and making good use of your time here.

As a result, a truth and a bliss will flow into this life, but this bliss will come from that true place within... it won't come from the comings and the goings, nor from the stability you have ensured your physical life to have.

Sure, build your home on solid rock. Follow Tao in how you create your life, but always remember that the mystery of the One Infinite Creator is the only power in all of Creation, and the only way to life a fulfilling life is to die in complete trust to that Infinite Mystery. 

See this life in context of its extremely insignificant and temporary nature, and you will be ale to make some real change in this world and positively affect lives while having a magical time and leaving behind an example for people to write about, learn from, and be inspired by for generations to come.

This is a time on our planet to speed up, not slow down. To let go, not control or maintain. Consider your life already over... already doomed... now what would you do with the time that remains?

Maintenance/security is the destroyer of our life force, our light, our purpose. To seek for security is the surest way to death at the end of an unfulfilling life.

As Bruce Lee once stated: 

Ask daily not what you need to do that day, but what your death-bed self wishes you would have done that day...

I daily consider this life from the angle of having already died, looking back, and seeing if I feel proud of myself and satisfied with the choices I made, the level of faith and fearlessness I had, and the purity of service I cultivated. 

Again, when we make the container or vehicle which is this temporary life too significant in our minds, we start making decisions based on insignificant things seeming significant to us, instead of creating true magic for everyone around us, including naturally ourselves.

When you benefit others, you will always grow in happiness.

I encourage you to view this life form the vantage point of having already died... From Spirit, looking back on this life right now, what would you rather be doing, creating, believing, exploring, and giving significance to? What is truly and only important? Which parallel reality do you wish to step into fully?

Be more of service. Change with the change. Surrender to the acceleration of realities that is occurring on our planet today. Resistance is futile and sucks the purpose/life out of you.

At any given moment you have the power to believe in your potential, and activate the field of infinite possibilities in a different way simply by choosing faith and changing your perspective, thus then shifting into a parallel reality and attracting something completely new to yourself. Something that was always there but simply was not allowed by your definitions.

Step into Heaven. It is already here, hiding beneath your misplaced significance.

The fearful ones have poured their power and courage into insignificant things, whereas the brave ones have invested their power and placed their trust in what truly matters. That is the only difference between the brave ones and the frightened ones: misplaced significance.

Remember who you are. 
Remember why you're here.
Drop giving significance to everything else, and the indescribable love for life will return to your Heart, effortlessly support you in all desires, and set your journey ablaze with a fearlessness and purposeful ecstasy you never knew you had in you.

Your body is the pen with which you can write your ode to the One Infinite Creator. Do not live this life for the sake of the pen and its maintenance, live it for the purpose that birthed it, for the hand that can write its ode.

Die into your golden Self, your Spirit, the Infinite Creator. Surrender. Fall backwards. Know God.

Now what are you going to do today? What will you choose?

Infinite love,