How Spiritual Ambition can be Healthy

What the spiritual community on this planet lacks is true, aligned ambition. The ego-effect is often the result of living too small, not too big.

When we let ourselves become invested with insecurity and lack-beliefs, and accept a mediocre personal existence, we become unknowingly devious, back-stabbing, useless and petty-minded.

When not allowed to live a free and ambitious life, the powerful human mind will automatically turn its excess power toward focusing on a lesser, more isolated personal life, where greed and fear take hold of the infinite dreamer inside.

The same applies to most spiritual teachers out there today. They fear ambition because it has become widely misunderstood to mean "ego," when in fact, the opposite is true more often than not.

If the spiritually awake people of this world do nothing of substance, what will become of this world? 

When the awakened people of this planet fear their bigness and their ability to wield great power and responsibility with spiritual integrity, it directly allows those who are ambitious in the service-to-self path to continue their complete reign upon this world. And make no mistake, their reign has been total because of our complacency and lack of vision and ambition.

We don't deserve to own this planet going into Fourth Density if we are not ready to serve its greatest good ambitiously.

I encourage all truly awake, aligned and pure-hearted people out there to step it up and get in touch with their biggest, most powerful possible version of themselves, and then pour that wholeheartedly into fearless service to All.

Only we can manifest heaven on Earth, and we owe it to ourselves and each other to do so. Do not fear the grandness of your vision. The grander the vision, the truer your level of consciousness has become, for you cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of.

Embrace your infinite nature. Dream big. Give large. Take risks. Be unafraid. Love fearlessly.