Infinite Expansion, Endless Love

As I am writing this, I am listening to this song in the background. Join me, and let this play in the background while you read: Bon Iver - Holocene

Infinite expansion, infinite challenge, infinite opposition, infinite reconciliation, infinite opportunity, infinite misunderstanding, infinite compassion, infinite struggle, infinite bliss.

What a life this is. I cannot help but be unavoidably torn into infinite directions simultaneously, leaving me with nothing but love, raw transcendence and all-embracing surrender.

Time and time again. Deeper and deeper passion for All beings as being my Self reveals itself. I fall in love with everything I see. All points of view are true and correct, all victims are right, all perpetrators are right, all lives of pain are right, all lives of joy are right; all are right--everything is true. Every story deserves its own history, its own pride, its own surrender.

Who are we to argue with anything? For isn't all The One Infinite Creator choosing to express itself? How beautiful. How infinitely humbling. My friends, let us love. Let us love. Let us love.

My personal points of view have become so loosely held and transparent that at times I feel incapacitated to do anything or go anywhere or be anyone. Why be anyone when you see and feel so viscerally that you are everything?

And still this journey continues and the Soul insists that, simultaneous to your disappearance into everythingness/nothingness, you continue to crystallize your individual journey into one of unique perfection, beauty, expression and brilliance until you reach your life's thematic completion.

We all have a theme we are here to explore to the fullest, and it won't let us off the hook until we fully commit and embrace why we chose to be here in the physical focus. We may not always understand exactly why we chose this life, but it is oh-so-beautiful once we just surrender to the fact that we did, and trust in the goodness of its presence and its seeming imperfections as new experiences present themselves to us. 

We all have one thing in common: we chose to be here now, in this way, in this time, with these people, with our limitations, flaws, skills, challenges, inclinations and passions. We chose this. We are here. Together and alone, we are here.

The feeling of True Simultaneity is hard to explain. It is in many ways the final teaching, as it cannot really be taught; it's a way of being that takes its own journey inward, ever deeper, until the core of the being experiencing this near-completion coalesces into a spiral, leading into an ever greater Awareness of Infinite Unity. 

I can teach you my three main ways of being: Enlightenment, Infinity and Empowerment, as you will find them explained step by step in Trinfinity Academy, however they are three rivers that ultimately end in the ocean of Self-Realization--and in the ever-expanding sense of True Simultaneity.

Once this has you, you have become your own guru entirely. You now have everything you need and you have begun your journey back into the Creator, while simultaneously continuing to push forward into creation in the most impeccable of ways. Amazing...

May you love yourself so much so that the spiritual gravity that calls you evermore back into Infinite Unity takes over and swallows up your every bit of bias and spits it out as nothing less than reason-less Unconditional Love. May you become a fool that sees nothing but love. May you become the creature that has lost all control over its life and all desire to attempt to. May you be drunk with life, love and seeing the perfection of the One Infinite Creator everywhere you go. May you come to experience all things and beings as your Self.

I cannot speak of the love that you are, but I can tell you that it's more mind-boggling and incomprehensible than I can ever speak of.

May you feel loved, against all odds, against all ignorance, against all existential doubt--may you feel unconditionally loved and supported. For believe me, there is more in existence that is supporting you right now than you've ever been aware of in your life.

Your brother on Earth,