How Knowing that you're Always Full of Shit can Set you Free Beyond your Wildest Dreams

"Are you full of shit?" The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. More than you'll ever know...

Let me just start by saying that if this article pisses you off, you are really full of shit and this is exactly what you need.

A brief intro: A remarkable man by the name of Anurag Gupta shared one of his principles with me: "you don't know anything and you're always full of shit." That's the premise from which he authentically operates and coaches multi-million dollar businesses. I have rarely met a man that has embodied the sheer incorruptible freedom of the here and now as much as he seems to have. I was unexpectedly impressed by his standards for himself.

This gave me the inspiration to write an article using this pointer exclusively. Bear with me, as I will repeat myself frequently in this article from slightly different points of view, because I really want you to get this. It can change your life for ever:

Are you taking yourself seriously? Like, at all? Stop it.

Whenever we take ourselves seriously, that's a clear sign that we have forgotten to be present to our innate freedom. We have lost sight of the freshness and meaninglessness of the here and now. Can you sense any kind of tightness in your belief system at the moment? Are you serious in any way? If so, realize that you're full of shit. You are assuming things to be true that are completely made up. 

As soon as we remember that we are full of shit for believing our assessments point toward anything real 'out there', we are free... unless we don't want to admit being full of shit because we'd rather be right. If we'd rather be right and weak than free and powerful, it means we have decided to believe in something entirely untrue to the point where we take ourselves seriously again.

I dare you to accept that everything you've ever said, done, thought, and concluded was you being full of shit. Everything you will ever do, say, think or believe is also completely made up. Acknowledge this. Admit it. Own it. Be free.

Everything is made up of optional agreements only

It's extremely liberating to realize nothing ever decided upon is ever true. I often say at my retreats to practice never arriving at any conclusions about anything, for it robs you of your power to create and see (and love) things as they are.

Everything is optional. The world as we know it is just a bunch of agreements, decisions, choices, assessments and points of view. None of them are true. Everyone is full of shit. Clearly, for all our opinions and 'hard truths' are all allowed to co-exist. Hard truths cannot logically co-exist.

If something is absolutely true, there is no room in that something for a contradicting truth. This principle alone proves that nobody has the power to assess something truthfully. Every idea is dreamlike and optional. We're all creating our own reality by deciding what is true for us deliberately, or unconsciously. Realizing this gives us back our sense of Soul and when done consistently and with dedication, releases all tethers and anchors to an illusory externalized reality toward which we could only ever feel like a victim.

Opinions, conclusions or even simple, seemingly innocent every day assessments such as "this cookie seems stale" or "I'm running out of toothpaste" are completely made up and based in absolutely nothing but the assessment itself believing in itself (thoughts taking themselves serious enough to become beliefs or held assessments). More relevant--but not more true--examples when it comes to personal growth are assessments such as: "this person doesn't like me very much"  or "I'm late for my appointment again."

I'm not saying to not make an effort to be on time and honor your integrity using common sense, but at the same time you can always see in the moment that any assessment is just an optional assessment that has no ground other than its own chosen point of view. 

Any assessment made unnoticed ALWAYS obscures the purity of the Here and Now with a layer of assumption that limits us from using our connection to Source and its Law of Attraction efficiently and organically to create miracles every day.

A definition of being delusional: agreeing with our own thinking that something is true about something, and then forgetting that it was our own idea.

Acting from the moment itself, rather than reacting from our thoughts about it

If we're honest with ourselves, we can start to see clearly that none of our assessments or points of views are ever proven by the present moment itself. It's our own arrogance that turns a simple observation into a solid and imprisoning conclusion.

Every time we don't notice that we're making an assessment, we take a dump unto reality as it is and sink in our own shit. Being free takes constant dedication and vigilance. Something we will only deliver on if we truly see the benefit of living in this raw, unfiltered, free and uncompromising state of being all the time. Only once we value this more than a mediocre, suffering-filled, righteous life, will we put in the commitment and genuine effort required to utilize the freedom of the here and now effectively.

So again, we're always full of shit and there's no end to how full of shit we are. The rabbit hole of being full of shit never ends, so stop seeking for the end of it. Instead, make an effort to always actively see that right now, nothing you are thinking is true. Suddenly, you'll find yourself powerfully grounded in reality (freedom) itself. Always Now. Fresh. Unafraid. Powerful.

If anything you thought were to actually be absolutely true, all of reality would stop existing. Everything in all of creation would take the shape of that assessment. After all, if something is true, it must be true always. If it's not true always, it's not true ever; it's optional. When we believe in something optional as being true, we are lost in a projected world of illusion; caught in our own web of constricting assumptions.

When we forget our assessment is untrue, we bind ourselves to its proposed reality

The moment we forget that our assessments are just assessments with no actual basis in reality (ever!), the assessment crystallizes itself in the form of a subconscious belief.

You can picture this like a definition about something taking on the shape of a stake that's put in the ground right there and then, to which you are now tethered as if by an energetic elastic band limiting your freedom of movement. Now that you have forgotten that you are the creator of your own definitions, you have delegated your beliefs to run your life for you. You have become a little bit more automatic, stuck, and effectively given away your free will. You're always limited by the definitions you have but no longer see as simply being definitions.

You will now have to navigate around this believed-in assessment in order to find alternate ways to feel good within the prison of your own web of assessments-posing-as-reality. That is, until you are suddenly willing to remember and accept that you are nothing but full of shit and that holding on to your excuses, avoidance and assessments as 'right' or 'true' or 'smart' or 'reflective of the way reality actually works' is simply no longer worth the heaviness that destroys your joy and efficiency in life.

Again, when we forget that an assessment is just an unreal, optional assessment, in our minds we have turned this definition into something that we will subconsciously relate to as 'real.' Now we're victims of our own creation because whatever we think of as 'real' or 'this is the way it is' becomes immovable. As long as we keep regenerating the state of awareness of our freedom and our full-of-shit-ness, we keep our freedom to create instead of react. 

Just remember: if you choose to replace existing definitions with preferred ones, make sure you remember the new stories are also completely unreal; they're just the ones you prefer to use in that moment or context. But don't make the mistake again of believing they are any more true than your previously chosen sack of lies. This is all totally okay to realize; in fact it can be experienced as extremely funny, empowering and ever humbling.

An example: 

>> A man sees a woman approach from 50 feet away.
>> Man thinks that this woman is beautiful and out of his league (this is his assessment) but forgets that he has the power to assess as he sees fit. He forgets to bring acute awareness to the fact that this thought is just one of infinite optional and equally untrue definitions of the essentially neutral and meaning-free present moment.
>> There is nothing in the present moment that proves that this woman is beautiful and out of his league. It's a completely made up story; an agreement he just made with himself believing it was 'true'. 
>> Since the man is not acutely aware of the fact that his assessment was optional, he has now become full of shit and greatly limited his ability to source his own experience freely. He has given up a big chunk of his free will and delegated the control of his experience to a believed-in assessment.
>> The only path back to his innate state of freedom and creative power would be for him to realize that his assessment was not true; it was completely optional. (Upon realizing we're full of shit, we're significantly less full of shit, at least for that pristine moment that we generate an acute and present moment awareness of this.)
>> The woman now gets closer to the man and because the man has lost sight of the here and now and assumed that his assessment of her was true, he will now think and feel according to his previously unconsciously crystallized assessment (now a belief).
>> He feels shy and disempowered as she walks by. Nothing in the actual experience caused this; it was only his full of shit conviction that triggered this response.
>> The man has literally stopped interacting consciously with the present moment as it is--based on pure resonance and intuition--because man assumed his assessment was true.
>> The man feels a true resonance to talk to the woman, but as she walks by him, the man is still not grounded in the purity and raw freedom and power of the here and now, and instead inevitably reacts to his belief that she is actually beautiful and out of his league, consequently missing out on a moment of joyfully creating his reality and following his heart confidently.

Can you handle the intensity required to realize your freedom? Do you want it more than anything?

If you want to be free more than anything, you will have to commit to repeatedly see that you're full of shit because nothing you think ever has any ground to stand on. Repeat these moments of total freedom, and you will quickly return to the state of innocence, power, creativity, flow, passion, joy, (re)source(fulness), bliss and 'truth.' Not 'the truth', just true being. From thinking to being. From excuses to honesty. From assuming illusions to the actual here and now; the only seat of your infinite connection to Source.

The consistent experience of freedom requires us to laugh about how serious we take ourselves every single moment we're not paying attention. Whenever you feel a heaviness creep in, just remember that whatever assumptions this feeling must be based on (because your natural state always feels light and free when unobscured) are by definition full of shit: instantly stop believing in every assessment you're energetically holding within yourself. Practice instant letting go upon noticing tension, remembering that if you feel tension you MUST be full of shit in your assessments of life. Otherwise you'd feel GREAT.

Ahhh... the relief of innocence returning into the body and the mind of the creator that you are. Soooo good. Raw, true, rich, free, real. Finally, the bullshit ends with your decision to accept that you don't know anything.

In summary: Nothing you're thinking right now can be true. Nothing you've ever thought has been true. Nothing anyone else is thinking or has ever thought is/has been true. Everybody is full of shit and that is amazingly good news! It means the clean canvas of the present moment can never be distorted or affected by our assessments. Thank god we are making all this shit up and that none of it is actually real.

If you get this and accept it joyfully over and over again, you will find a freedom that cannot be taken by any loss, anyone or any authority. You become unrobbable of your joy, clarity, integrity and creative power. When you're connected to Source, you can create anything.

Enjoy your birth right. Total freedom. Do the work, and you will see real results. Many thanks to Anurag for inspiring this article and myself.