Law of Attraction building Momentum - 3 Simple Steps to Increasing your Vibration

Here's how momentum works, and how you can utilize the Law of Attraction to change your momentum (and life):


How momentum works:

You have a thought >> the thought vibrates at a certain frequency >> your consciousness is now being focused to that frequency domain and your state of being, mind and body are starting to radiate that frequency >> consequently you receive more thoughts and experiences of a similar vibration as the frequency you just tuned yourself to.

This then often becomes a vicious cycle, or a self-reinforcing illusion or pattern. In other words; we feel stuck.

When a radio is tuned to receive and translate the 101FM frequency, it will only play songs broadcasted at that wavelength; it cannot receive the songs being played over 98.7FM. It simply cannot. That would defy law.

This is why the possibility of significant change sometimes becomes so hard for us to believe in. It is also why it can seemingly take so much dedication, or a leap of faith, to truly attain significant changes in your life; it is precisely because you have built momentum in a certain frequency range and now the forms that belong to this domain are all that you seem to be able to perceive.

When the thoughts, ideas and experiences within this domain is all that we perceive for a longer period of time, we generally start to forget that there are an infinite amount of frequency ranges that are available to us, all of which could lead us to magnificent experiential changes in our life; even miracles. 

The songs that we receive at our chosen frequency usually begs our focus to tune our frequency to that same vibrational range. Like a song stuck in your head, reinforcing itself over and over again. At this point we have usually come to believe in what we have attracted to ourselves as being 'real,' or worse: the only reality that's real, and are now skeptical of anything being possible outside of that which we already have, and have come to expect more of.

We have to remember that we experience what we do because we are tuned to a particular frequency domain. It is this frequency range that is feeding us our thoughts, ideas and experiences.

3 Simple Steps to Increasing our Vibration:

1) So, in order to attract new kinds of thoughts, ideas and experiences to ourselves, we need to first remember that we have choice.

2) The next step is to change our focus by choosing different types of thoughts (those that feel better or more exciting);

3) Then we want to maintain or repeat that new focus of mind until our overall frequency (how we feel) changes to a higher, more desirable level.

We know we have made successful use of the Law of Attraction as a means to build momentum in a positive direction when we start to feel better and more inspiring ideas come to us more frequently. This confirms that we have successfully used the Law of Attraction to change our vibrational state of being to a higher frequency domain.

When we do this repeatedly, we will end up being tuned to a higher frequency domain more permanently (our baseline moves up the vibrational ladder), and consequently we will effortless receive an abundance of better feelings, ideas and experiences in our lives more consistently.

From there we can take it up a notch again.  And again. And again. Until our life has gradually become an explosive adventure of dreams coming true, and new ones being born rapidly. When what you once dreamed of as nearly impossible is now in your past and your present dreams have become even more exciting, empowering, challenging and ambitious, you know that you are on the accelerative path of spiritual growth.

This process is the simplest way to describe the only way we can truly change ourselves---and our circumstances---for the better; change your focus until it changes your frequency.

Much love and have fun dancing freely on the ethers of infinite possibility,


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PPS - Credits to Abraham Hicks for coining the term 'Law of Attraction'.