Musings from My Voyages into the Infinite

Through the appearance of Presence, Creation, Beingness, Consciousness, All-That-Is, or simply: Existence... the Source of “Creation” makes itself known to itself as being beyond creation, duality and non-duality.

Source IS, in its own way; yet it is NOT, in any other way. Unappointable Beyondness.

It is in the mirror of what IS present, that that which is NOT present can know that it is, indeed, non-present—timeless and untouchable; forever beyond the grasp of Consciousness, Creation, Existence and its billions of experiences and possibilities.

Existence contains infinite possibilities, each of a finite nature. Source—The Absolute—contains only one finite possibility, that of utter and complete infinity.

In the encounter of Infinity through the means of existence, a strange relationship is formed between existence and non-existence, and thus a new avenue is created through “you.”

The illusion of presence is bridged with that which is not present. How unique, mysterious and beyond reason! Such infinite treasure! The human race has no idea of its own potential—yet!

This realization of Beyondness creates a unlikely relationship that then uniquely expresses itself through Consciousness, into the realm of existence. The result of this expression of nothingness being channeled into everythingness, is that it brings ALL of existence closer to dissolution into its One Infinite Source.

By realizing Beyondness, you become a “spiritual black hole” torn into the fabric of the illusion of existence. As a black hole, you express Nothing to the fullest, and thus you support all of life to come a little closer to the event horizon of the black hole, which is the “drain” at the bottom of God's Being, beyond which only indescribable Infinity remains. Timeless Foreverness. A Unity beyond recognition.

Exciting it is, to realize how infinitely creative All-That-Is and its One Source are, and how all that WE are, is inseparable from all that creative mystery and infinite potential!

You are all born to be pioneers of your own unique theme. Whatever you genuinely feel you wish to create, realize, bridge, combine, or conceive of otherwise—whatever truly thrills you to the core of your being, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant through the filters of mind—go for it with a fearlessness the world has never seen before. You are a god unto yourself, inseparable from Source and All-That-Is. All possibilities are at your disposal. You contain the creativity that can bridge all potentials.

Whatever excites you is meant to excite you, because it leads you to the purpose of your unique expression of Consciousness!

Bridge realities that have not yet been bridged before. Follow your deepest, truest passions with integrity and excitement as the basis. Never listen to any doubts. In other words: never listen to other human beings. All our race knows at this stage is limiting beliefs. Be free from it! Take a chance at being your deepest, most authentic Self. This will lead you to more of what you are, and further into The Beyond.

Strip yourself naked of the imagined sense of unworthiness and your amazingness will reveal itself in all of its glory and magnificent endlessness.

May you be you: an extension of All-That-Is, as well as its One Infinite Creator. You are meant to be here, now. Own up to that with a boldness that is out of this world.

And always remember: you are Absolutely Loved, more than you are able to ever consciously comprehend. Have no fear; do not despair. Ecstatic Timeless Freedom is your only nature.