Our first official response to the cult accusations

Note: This is purely our initial energetic response to the article that has circulated. We will reply in depth to the distorted assertions made at a later time, when the Sedona Experiment no longer demands our attention.


After some deliberation upon the article that we know many of you have read and have had to deal with, let me start with first with saying thank you to the author for writing and posting it.

This is hardly the first, nor will it be nearly the last article of its kind about me, or someone like me and this body of work.

Everything serves a purpose.

At some point something like this was going to arise; It always does. For people in my community, I encourage you to exhibit no anger or judgement toward the author.

The opportunity it gives us is to openly address anything that has and could arise. We have nothing to hide. In fact, much of the world lives in fear of how they will be perceived and are constantly hiding who they are and live in fear of being truly transparent.

As many of you know, one of our fundamental commitments is that you are free to be yourselves. And it will be interpreted as it will. 

We know (not without reflection and deep self examination) that our commitment is only the purest expression of people living aligned and deeply fulfilled lives. 

Because we can’t always address every individual concern presented to us, this article in question offers us a beautiful collection of all the major trigger points individuals may generally be concerned about. It is therefore a tremendous opportunity to establish without fail the heart and integrity of our work.

We encourage all who believe in our work to stay truly connected to their authentic Selves and trust that this is perfect for something; a beautiful opportunity for us all to shine a light on some collective wounds.

Anyone engaged in work of this nature knows that one perspective hardly creates truth. That anything can be taken out of context to establish any position one desires.

You could pick the most saintly figures in history and if you really wanted to, you could pick them apart and reassemble them to meet any agenda you may have in how you wish people to think of them.

This is simply the nature of being authentically public.

In my case, I have modeled many different jackets, teachings and examples within a short period of time. I understand this confuses the majority of people and may more easily evoke aggressive accusations and misunderstandings, especially given that the nature of my work also rubs many people's belief systems the wrong way.

Part of my calling is to show people that everything is possible. I knew early on that I was not going to be able to model this by playing it safe, or by limiting myself to one predictable expression over a long period of time. I knew I had to befriend inconsistency, in terms of who I was going to seem like I am to the outside world. But within, I have always been the same.

The arts of confusion and paradox are great teachings in and of themselves, as they force the student of life to examine all of their own fears, biases and projections, and most importantly, in the end: to stand on their own two feet, confident and realized and devoid of the ability to judge others based on narrow-mindedness.

Modeling paradox is not an easy journey for those who have the courage to model it, nor for those who are triggered by the modeling of it. I have great compassion for both yet I believe it is worth the challenge.

After all, is it not through great challenge that we grow the fastest? Are the harder puzzles not the most satisfying and life-changing once solved?

In our work and in what I model, we constantly ask people to up their game and let go of what they are familiar with, so that they can become purer vessels of love and wisdom for this world.

This lack of linear stability and certainty scares a lot of people, and we understand that.

As a result, labels like "narcissist" and "bipolar" have been thrown my way frequently throughout the years. After more self-scrutiny and willing personal sacrifices than I am able to recount, I have become naturally clear on who I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I am not an abuser and I am not out to gain power over others. But decide for yourself.

Early on in my life, it became astoundingly clear that I was here to be of service. I realized that the only worthwhile use of my body's limited time here would be to accelerate why I am here and devote myself 100% to making a positive difference in the world.

And I encourage you to realize the same. Tirelessly do the work to clear your consciousness from bias and personal need, so that your light may shine powerfully and unfiltered.

Then become a force unto yourself, and carry that with unfailing love for others, with grace, dedication to truth, and personal integrity and transparency. It will piss people off, but that is not a good reason to give up and doubt yourself.

People often think that if you are not constantly doubting yourself it means that you are not examining yourself. These are two very different activities, learn to separate them well. People don't like doubtlessness and faith; it triggers people's fear of inequality as they think you want to think you are better than them.

The knowledge that what I truly am is ever unaffected and untouchable gave me the freedom and courage to devote myself to service-to-others and take risk where I could have easily chosen comfort and the preservation of my self-image.

That's why people are free to think as they please; I know that in the end, I have lived a thousand lives in one, and have stayed true, courageous, and devoted to the greater good of all. I have given it my all. 

I am not going to apologize for being myself and fully expressed, or for my expression triggering others, because I would not want you to, either.

I am not being afraid to share all aspects of myself. After all I encourage authenticity and transparency. In a world where that is certainly not the norm. Then again normal is not what we are after. 

The author of this article was out to create a false, sensationalist piece, and my transparency and paradoxical, but innocent, expressions over the years made this an easy picture for her to paint. 

We are available for examination of self and encourage positive engagement of the thousands who have other views to share of their participation in this work, as opposed to just the one biased view that this article represents. 

This really is a beautiful time to watch the community in Sedona, as well as the world-wide community, come together and offer other communities an example to hopefully be inspired by. Let us respond to things like this with examination, love and confidence.

If I have any upset over this, it is for the people who have put in tremendous effort and commitment to applying the work and elevating their lives and are now left represented as people who have no ability to discern and are lost in their following of me. 

That is quite an assertion to make and honors no one. There is ever so much more to an entity than meets the eye. This is part of the message I wish to embody through my occasionally paradoxical appearances:

Never judge the surface of any situation, person or motivation. In fact never judge at all--See beyond the surface and be free. Be love.

Have faith in what's true within another. Always have faith in their awakening and in who they truly are, even if they cannot see it yet themselves. This has been our approach toward the author throughout this time, from the moment we met her.

Let this be an example, of how if we wish to survive as a species (let alone thrive) we need to learn to get over ourselves and commit ourselves to something greater than our own points of view and our desire for validation and safety.

I am about to engage in an intensive retreat where, for me, the quality of people's lives is at stake. And for the next two weeks that is where my attention will be. 

Know this: My organization and I are fully congruent amongst ourselves, brighter and more in love with our service than ever. After the retreat we will be available to examine all that has been asserted and will reply in greater detail in due time.

Love and Light,
Bentinho & Team

Let me finish by sharing this poem that I've fallen in love with. Meditate on it deeply, and watch your impure intentions dissolve into love.

It is a prayer that was found scrawled on a piece of wrapping paper in the Ravensbruck Concentration camp (where 92,000 women and children died). Some sources say it was found on the body or in the clothing of a dead child.


Remember not only the men and women of good will
but all those of ill will.

Do not only remember all the sufferings they have subjected us to.
Remember the fruits we brought forth thanks to this suffering –

Our comradeship
Our loyalty
Our humility
Our courage and generosity,
the greatness of heart that all of this inspired.

And when they come to judgement,
let all those fruits we have borne
be their reward
and their forgiveness.



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