Shut Up and Serve

Where a lot of people who have worked with me in the past have gone awry in their relationship with me is that they think they are working 'for me,' when in reality they were included because they wanted to work for the vision; intrinsically devoted beyond self. I don't even work for me, so how can anyone else work for me? We work for the people. For the benefit of all. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of people who have spend time alongside me have been successful in the attempt to transcend themselves on a fairly consistent basis, and did show many moments of real commitment, but definitely not everyone, and definitely not everyone consistently. And neither have I. So this is an article not to point blame, but to learn together.

This is often an assumption (that they work for me) that's present subconsciously from the very get go. Let me describe some of the things I have extracted from several years of people coming in and out of my personal circle and working with me to one degree or another, and 50-75% of them feeling burned or incapable to proceed working with me at one point or another, and of course sometimes stepping aside out of true resonance/relevance because their life takes them in a different direction. It's not all about me after all ;). But even in that last scenario, oftentimes there is an inkling of confusion regarding their relationship to me that may or may not have contributed to them 'moving on joyfully.'

And these are all beautiful, bright souls and there's nothing but love for them from the first time I laid eyes on them until my last thoughts of them when I die (and beyond). You have to understand inequality does not exist in my heart or eyes, no matter how I come accross or what I point out or describe. But there are some things we can all learn from my experiences together.

Nobody can work for me, for I don't work for me

In these scenarios where someone feels they 'work for me', it's not often fully about the mission for that person, or if it is it's overshadowed or at least distorted by dynamics having to do with personal gain or validation or self worth. These are tricky, shadowy beliefs where suddenly it's about their relationship to the person/company/boss/finances because that entity represents something to their lack beliefs, rather than it being fully about their relationship to the vision and being of service. 

I'm not saying that in the process they are not being of service, but the effectiveness of it is greatly compromised when such thought-forms are allowed to fester in the background. Or even in the foreground and not dealt with acutely and with great discipline and commitment (to get over one's self). If they are not dealt with, there is nothing I can do to be a perfect boss, because it's not the realm I'm proficient in or desirous of. As a (co-)leader of a group, the only way I can function as a perfect leader is if the people are all over themselves. That's the only type of company of people I was ever build to lead. 

I want to share this not as a negative remark toward anyone from my past, truly, but because I think this is important knowledge in many people's life, and especially going forward if you ever will be working alongside this body or the larger conglomerate-movement that may or may not form out of this community at some point. I share this point to inspire you to upgrade your view of what's possible for you, and attain the happiness of selflessness.

There is only one way this type of collaboration can EVER work: you have to understand, in the case of me, that although by default I love you more than you probably can comprehend from your mind's history of how people use and see other people, but I will not care about your lack beliefs more than I care about the greater body of people and the vision of spreading love/benefit.

If you decide to have your "little-me stuff" take precedence over the common goal of service to the people, while you have a most comprehensive body of tools available to you ( to name just one resource) to clear that stuff up swiftly for yourself with enough dedication and discipline, then if you still wish to linger in your stories, that is your own creation and responsibility. Don't expect anyone you're working with, especially not your boss or leader, to come down to that level and be an excellent manager of your problems. You will get no validation from me. Patience to get your head clear and your heart devoted to the cause again, but no validation.

You should not care more about yourself or about me than you care about the vision. Instead you should be 100% focused on the original intention of your choice to join this entity/company/person. The mission is your goal; NOT getting what you want. The mission/truth/service should be all you want. It should become your fulfillment.

It's never about us, it's always about the people

Many people are simply not ready for this even when they believe or say they are. It often takes years of dedicated 'burning' or 'tapas' (vedanta reference), for the sake of the greater good. It's okay if you're not ready for this. It's totally forgiven before it is ever even seemingly condemned. This is not about your perfection or worthiness. Those could never, ever be attained or lost. They are absolutes. So let us get over the need for them to be proven all the time. It's such a unnecessary burden to carry and it pollutes your entire life and relationships. You're already perfect. That's why I can freely encourage you with such passion and with the sharpness of my exercised sword.

We have to be critical for certain purposes, to improve our alignment. If we are sincere about the purpose of serving, we don't care about getting called out or admit that we have some work to do. That does not mean we're not perfect, and loved beyond measure, like I said. Love can never be severed. Only illusions can. So it's a moot point to even try to accommodate people's lack beliefs. We can be kind, patient, but at the same time do not have to be tolerant or validate what's not in someone's own best interest.

If you make it about the vision/mission/service to others, you will have to accept and learn to navigate with the fact that "It's never about us, it's always about the people." Can you do that? Like, truly, all the way? No triggers? And if triggers do happen can you work them out that very same day or moment, to the degree that they are eradicated forever?

It is hard work. Requiring the utmost dedication. Minuscule, microscopic vigilance. Unless we are rested in the Absolute permanently and have transcended altogether, we are never fully off the hook.

Can we create/accept/allow joyful things and flow along the way? May we enjoy ourselves and this earthly experience? Even though joy is never contained in a circumstance--you may absolutely use the world as an occasional permission slip for enjoyment of Self when it comes naturally and when it fits inside of your mission and alignment/integrity. Absolutely. But those are the things that come along the way when one stays truly committed to the vision/alignment/truth. And I'm not saying I never get/got distracted at times by circumstances btw. In increasingly subtle ways, I have/did. That's how we quickly learn to readjust and increase our alignment to what matters. It's okay to not get it right, but one should maintain the desire for clarity and devotion beyond the small self.

The Mission is your Boss

It's important to understand that in any scenario where you act on your passion to be of service and it takes the shape of you getting hired or allowed to volunteer: the person/entity who hired you is not your boss. The mission is. Neither the boss nor the mission owes you anything to make you feel good about yourself. Get this before you even start. It'll make the biggest difference going forward.

The entity is merely a structure. You shouldn't fall prey to any level of wanting validation. That's something you should deal with by yourself, or with a friend in a really committed space with the intention not just to talk about it but to share it so you can transcend it. This need (for anything, really) will greatly distort your ability to serve in the direction of your soul. After all, if you are looking to get something--anything--out of your service, you're not really about the thing you say you are about. You're full of shit. Which is totally fine, but needs to be seen so we can choose whether to back out, or clean out our shit and proceed at a higher level of consciousness.

Those that manage to stick around the longest with me and whose hearts are closer in alignment with the frequency where my own heart is housed, and who become happier and freer and more abundant over time, are always those who are capable of transcending their limited self-view and their seeming needs over and over and over again and resist the temptation to make it about me, or appoint a cause outside themselves.

I'm an impossible man to understand unless you're empty enough of self, and I will give you exactly the reflection that you subconsciously ask for; not the reflections most conducive to a comfortable friendship. But those who can endure this fire for long enough, will liberate themselves beyond belief and discover the ultimate reward. They will become the embodiment of Love for All. Yes, not everyone will understand them anymore because they have gone beyond convention, but they will be in bliss. Their separation-complex will come to an end. They will merge with God. They will be of service no matter what the do or how they act outwardly. And it's never too late for this leap. One can always make a quantum leap and get over themselves and realize their fulfillment comes from being 100% of service and relinquishing the deadly game of "I need" and "I know." You haven't done enough work yet 'to know anything.'

Don’t trust yourself before you are beyond yourself.

Simply ask yourself if the intention of the company/entity you're joining fits well inside of your calling at this time and if you think that working with this entity can empower your intended service to the world. If so, for that timing, that entity is compatible. But that entity doesn't owe you anything other than what's logistically agreed upon. Create no illusions.

I don't do what I do for myself. Many question this about me because my chosen boldness and willingness to explode is threatening to their conformed world-views. They have not the adequate perspective to understand; hence they condemn/judge/doubt/question/project. And many have questioned me, but the purity of my intent I have always known to be 100% pure. And the truth is, so are you/is yours when you see your needs matter not in the face of billions of thirsty, calling people. You've got a job to do, that's why you're here. Of course whatever I do will always serve my own journey inevitably, and I've enjoyed a certain degree of comfort and cool manifestations along the way, but most of that was more about testing out my own distillation of Law of Attraction and empowerment teachings. How could I teach it if I didn't walk it for a while and experienced the effects of it first-hand? Now it's a naturally integrated part of how my consciousness works, but I have no attachments to outcomes nor am I trying to achieve anything any longer.

I do what I do and envision what I envision because it excites me to serve to the best of my ability. I could give up everything of material nature at any time. And I have consistently and frequently left behind amazing manifestations that most people would hold on to, protect and fear they'd never be able to create again.As I see it everything is just passing through us, and we need no attachment to this world's resources nor to comfort.

Privileged as I may seem, I have suffered willingly for my entire life thus far, never significantly avoiding discomfort except perhaps in holding on to people and caring for them for too long past its expiration date. But I have willingly suffered enough to have built character and devotion. I have been forged in an environment, inner and outer, of non-stop intensity. I wasn't created overnight. I just started at a young age and gave myself to what I internally mattered most with more intensity and dedication than possibly anyone else I've met.

“Get over yourself” is in many ways the theme of my life. And suffering has turned into liberation. It’s worth it. 

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about my life so much. Well, because I put a ton of energy and commitment into making my life worth talking about so others can be inspired. I realized at some point during my 'teaching career' that the example and details of my life are for many people much more powerful than the instructions and tools I formulate. To withhold that when it has taken me everything I have given to it, would be a waste of example. Hence the anecdotes and the talk about 'me.' I hope it inspires and makes a difference for someone out there. If even one person benefits from the intensity of my young life, it was all worth it. I've never felt like I came here for myself so much. Rather I feel that my life belongs to humanity. I took one of your bodies, so as I see it, this body's life, story, experiences, possible wisdom... it's all yours.

To live for yourself, or to live for All?

To see other people find happiness and liberation from their illusions is the most rewarding activity I think any human being can ever be involved with. There is this crucial time in a person's life, if they're keen/intelligent, that they will be stopped in their tracks and be given an offer:

“Either I continue living within my own bubble, pretending I can gather happiness from my future, surround myself with it, and be safe and secure for the rest of my doomed egoic little personal-life, or I can jump in, take risks, align and make my life all about being of service to the All. Seeing other people benefit from my life is the most useful use of my temporary body.”

When a person is ready to make the jump and leave behind the shores of certainty, they most surely will experience a bliss, calm, alignment, fulfillment and clarity they have not yet allowed themselves to experience before. Their personal wants start to calm down and even disappear. Passion and inspiration replace the wants.

Back to 'reality' for a moment: for some projects it helps to have people support the execution of that. So I sometimes have to hire people or allow them to work 'for me' but where it often goes wrong is that "I wasn't giving them enough validation" or "I wasn't a good boss" or "I didn't pay them enough." All of these can be true, depending on one's view. But it's not coming from a clear, empowered place. Clearly. It becomes a dependence-based dynamic, and no matter how well-intended the original intention was/is in that person, the person tends to forget what life is truly all about when inter-personal dynamics, money, comfort, wants, lack, and equality/inequality concepts start to arise. It tends to obscure everything except for the most deliberate and attuned of adepts. It's tough shit to see through circumstantial and inter-relational wants, but it has to be done if one wants to free oneself from the spell of need and lack.

You’ve all had the experience where suddenly the mission is heavily obscured by a form of egotism that is completely based in lack. I’ve seen this happen in myself, and I see it happen in very awake people around me all the time. Don’t let it linger.

These dynamics have been my experience with people on a consistent basis, so it's helpful to assume this may still arise to some extent in my or your reality. Just to be aware of this and clear on it up front will make all the difference. Though I am also excited about embracing the fact that we have shifted into a parallel reality where from now on everyone who decides they wish to execute portions of the vision for humanity that they do so out of their own true devotion to the world, and leave me and others out of their lack-games. Or better yet, nobody has any allegiance to 'me me me' left.

Nobody can ever be your boss nor be responsible for your sense of self-worth or comfort in life. Any type of 'hiring or being hired' should always in essence be your agreement to be of service to the vision/mission/wellbeing of all. If you keep it focused along these lines there is very little room for the lack-effect to walk away with your happiness and the high vibrational nature of your relationship to the company, vision, boss, friend, etc.

Again this is not to put anyone down and this message transcends my story and my old band of friends, it is universal and applies to this world in general. You can easily see this in your personal life: every relationship that ever went awry, was it not because of a lack of dedication to the joined purpose? Was it not because something else became more important, namely: "What can I get out of this that I'm not getting out of it?" See for yourself. Own it. It's okay. You're still perfect.

Everywhere you're stuck in your life it's because you're stuck with your idea of yourself. You're swimming in a world full of well-intended, well-hidden-egotism marine life. And you're probably one of these fish. Let's not sugar coat this place. And if you're at all any clearer/more transcended/freer than those around you, prepare yourself because hidden shadows LOVE to look at themselves in a clear mirror. Your emptiness will be in high demand and you'll be used in any which way you can imagine. People love to graffiti on clean walls. Prepare to be trained to become a nobody, attached to nothing about 'yourself,' never be truly understood (for whom is there to be understood when you're empty of self anyway?) And train yourself to have your only true and reliable friend be your own Self. (I'm not whining, just preparing you :D)

Let’s go onwards committed more than ever to get over ourselves and embrace the purpose for being here: To shut up and serve. 

Yeah, that's right. Shut your pie hole and serve. Pipe down and give of yourself.

It is in that devotion and discipline that you will find your true voice as your nonsense burns away in the fire of your discipline to truth. Until then, do the world a service and just keep quiet. This whole self-help idea of "Yeah but what about my voice, and my equality? I deserve to be heard! I need to own my voice, and you who is so confident/arrogant are not appreciating my voice!" You know not of which you think or speak. You are ignorant. You are not entitled to anything. Discover your true voice first. Until then, and even then, humility is paramount if you wish to become a true human being.

So shut up and serve. Do this intensely and for a long time without complaining. Then we can talk. Except we won't have to because we'll have become one purified stream rushing toward the ocean as an unstoppable force with the calm of a still lake underneath. Connected. One. In Love.

When hearts transcend the solar plexus self and merge in unison of vision/being, what is there to speak or explain? We'll be like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Shiva and Shakti. 

Confluence. Same flow.

Confluence. Same flow.

I speak only because the world still needs it. If I seem arrogant in my ways, so be it. Just know it is out of a well of unspeakable love and compassion for all who suffer. Sometimes I have to become what I have to become to break through the thick-headedness of man.

I speak only to assist humanity in getting itself to become a civilization that has become speechless.

Join the vision, or shut the fuck up and get to know thyself.

"Trinfinity Corp - Shut up and Serve"

I like that.