The Keys to Gaia - Thank You, but Thank You No More

If you cannot change the world for everyone within 10 years with two billion dollars, you’re not worth having that many resources to your name.

What the super rich do with their money beats me. To the super rich out there, I have a proposal/challenge:

If someone gives me two billion dollars without any greed in their heart, I promise you I will alter this planet for the best. I will implement a series of changes so fundamentally altering of our society and our consciousness, that in 10 years time you would be able to see the effects of those measly two billion dollars across every continent. You will see true progress—socially, spiritually and materially/technologically.

Two billion dollars is all it takes to change the world. In fact, not even that. All it takes is one remarkably true person to change the course of history. Everything follows the power of will. It's always been like that. 

It is time for greed and incompetence to voluntarily quit being part of the .1%. Instead, it is time for those not concerned with their personal selves to lead this planet vibrationally and financially.

To the establishment I say this: out of all the 'governments' on all the planets I have visited, you are among the most wicked I’ve come across, and I will tell you that your reign here will soon come to an end. The air is ripe for those who come anew, and those who come again. The new age is here.

The time has come to hand over Earth’s precious resources and the means to guide these resources to the next generation of souls who are here with clearer hearts, purer intentions, and a greater innate maturity.

What signifies a great generation is the ease with which it can hand over its keys to the kingdom of Gaia to the next generation.

Let go of your keys. For you have stopped listening to the heartbeat of this Earth a long time ago. You have forgotten your place. You no longer have our planet's or people's best interest in mind. 

We forgive you, but your right to falsely govern the people and resources of Earth has expired.

Thank you for your service, but no thank you any longer. Earth is out of time, and so is your broken, corrupted leadership.


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