The Attitude of Abundant Creators

Understand this world to be your inherited playground.

The happiest and most "successful" people in the world all understand that they can create whatever they want; they are like kids in a sandbox. They don't see regulations and limitations, and they most definitely don't try to fit in. They see opportunity everywhere and they are exceptionally honest with themselves and confident in their dreams and visions.

They are not limited by what they see already created around them, and they feel intuitively that they will get everything they need to create what they are most inspired to create--especially if their creations are in service of a better planet and a happier civilization.

Abundant creators don't feel themselves to be victims of a civilization already created for them. They feel on top of the world--they see this as their playground. They play with the clay of creation. They see life as fluid and malleable. They see themselves as creators of the world around them, not as slaves or recipients of a pre-existing world.

They use the pre-existing limitations they see around them only to fuel their inspiration to innovate and create something more expanded, more beneficial, more streamlined, more beautiful, and more harmonious.

When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.
— Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple


If you combine that dream-like, confident attitude with a commitment toward, and a love for all beings, you will become one of those creators who rises above the crowd of unconscious followers, too; and you will naturally leave a legacy of benefit and transformation behind for next generations to come. You will help lift this planet's consciousness simply by being awesome and believing in something more than what is already manifest.

Abundance follows passion, not reason. It comes in bunches, and it comes in all ways when you start believing in something bigger than just your own personal circumstances. It comes when you commit to being of greater benefit so full-heartedly that you become practically fearless in your endeavors.

You will have everything you need and desire by living a life of passion, inspiration, and total faith in your ability to move mountains. The bigger your vision and the brighter your passion, the more abundance and creative power will flow through your hands.

You can change the world. Yes, you.

Enjoy life to the fullest. Do not be afraid to receive infinite amounts of everything you truly desire, yet always be inspired to give back more than you receive. And love your heart out. Break the mold. Be free. Dream big. Have faith.

The more you give to this life, the more you get out of it and back from it. Give everything you are, and you will receive everything you desire--and even more that you cannot yet conceive of.

I salute you, my fellow imagineers. Let's make this planet amazing by holding back nothing. You are precious, you are a gift to this world; realize this and actualize yourself.

The world is in your creator-ship hands, so make it into something epic and beneficial for all beings. You've got the infinite power and abundance of the Universe on your side.

Much love,

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