The Corrupt System - Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

In recent months I have been exposed to information from several insiders regarding organized crimes initiated and maintained from the highest levels of authority (beyond 'the government'), and have been privy to the corruption of this world's incompetent, selfish, and abusive leadership, and the atrocities they commit on a daily basis, often leading back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years--but reaching an all time high in the past several decades.

To mention a few things: organized kidnappings by our own leaders, child pornography and child (and adult) murders for money, slave-trade both on-world and off-world, ritualistic torture and sexual abuse/trafficking, sophisticated techniques to control the minds of this collective at large and keep us small and believing we're powerless; including you and your life whether you know this yet or not, among many other crimes too disgusting to mention against demographics that have no physical or intellectual means to defend themselves properly. And there is no body of government out there able to stand up for the rights of these demographics, or unlucky participants. The system is broken. This must come as no news to you, and yet... The corruption runs way deeper than most any of us can wrap our minds around. 

Practically everything we see out there is a front, a game intended for us to be seen. As human minds, we are living in a matrix of control and delusion. That's why it is becoming increasingly more important for the many to WAKE UP and enlighten themselves not only on the truth of what's going on, but more importantly: we need to educate the people on the nature of Consciousness, the truth of our being, and the innate beauty and abundance of our Soul.


My Challenge

Something I'm ever challenged with in my 'position' as a teacher/leader in my own way, is to be aware of the mess and the horrors, yet to not be consumed by them vibrationally for longer than is necessary for me to 'get it' (the negative side's motives, and the victim's side experience) and understand and feel compassion for all parties involved. 

If I am to do my part as a leader of a New Earth by 2035 well, I cannot allow myself to dwell on the wrongdoings and seeming unfairness of those whose currently failing regime still to this day organizes and abuses the many.

When I learn new facts of what has been secretly happening behind the scenes of what is supposed to be our governing body--our parental system looking out for the greater good--I take a little bit of time to engage in that information so fully and without fear or hesitation, so that it can rip my little world apart for a moment and show me the reality of what many people have been or still are experiencing. And I feel it as my duty to shed light where I can. To bring forth equality where possible. 

Being exposed to the nature of our controlling bodies and agencies posing as our saviors and safe-keepers while raping our civilization in secret, fills me with many perspectives, ranging from brief and momentary outrage and disbelief, to compassion, tears and profound love and gratitude/respect for all victims, and ultimately to compassion and love for the perpetrators at a deeper level of their being as well. But most of all it fills me with inspiration to find out how I can continue to contribute to transform this collective into the world that truly every living being deserves it to be: Happy, friendly, loving, abundant, free. 

I have many sub-themes (blueprints) operating within my overall theme/blueprint for this life, all of which are of a certain significance and influence concerning many other-selves, making it sometimes puzzling and challenging to find the right balance of perspectives to multi-dimensionally be able to be of most balanced service to all those who I influence directly or indirectly with my being here. 

Each time I learn of new layers of this global corruption, I am left feeling more compassion for All That Is, less ability to position myself firmly in one perspective of 'for or against', and gradually develop an ever bigger, more complete picture of The One's Infinite Creation by no longer holding on to bias. After all, what do I know? I have to accept the will of All That Is. All has to be included in my view as equally valid if I wish to be transcendent and powerful in my service to others.


What We Can Do as Shepherds of a New Earth

When we hear of these atrocities, we cannot linger for too long in the negative vibration of those polarities, if we wish to be of effective service. We must maintain hope and faith and inspiration to do right by those who actively wish to co-create a fairer, more balanced planet Earth. We have to acknowledge and feel the pain that is out there, understand it, not run from it yet not indulge in its misery, extract our desire and true intention from it as light-bringers, and re-submit our votes for wanting to stay in the game of this life, and be of service for as long and as fully as we can. 

If we wish to be effective shepherds to this world full of beings, we have to utilize the pain and suffering of this world--which yes, is still enormous and wide-spread on one level--and find it in our hearts to access that Great Compassion which encompasses not only 'the good' but sees the synergy between good and evil, and the constant agreement that exists between the two polarities.

As much as the human nature in us--and the limited scope of what our minds can perceive and reason with--would love to choose sides and polarize 'against' the perpetrators, we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to this polarization; for it divides us and puts us out of touch with our innate power. 'Choosing sides' too much greatly diminishes our ability to serve the light coming forth into this sphere at this time. We have to do better than just be protestors. We have to become both sides and transcend them, so that we can truly bring forth an equality that carries with it unconditional love for all.

Hence my hesitation with starting channels of disclosure on our upcoming Trinfinity TV platform, of the many forms of secrecy, because I know that it is human nature to fall into pain and misery upon seeing pain and misery and what looks like victimization. 

I am privy to some of these details--as you can all be if you so desire--but it is my job to focus on the positive aspect of this time for this transformational species: humanity. We need to forgive both the victims and the perpetrators, and ourselves for not knowing. We have to let love shine brighter than the polarities of this world. We have to be beyond good and evil if we wish to serve the balanced good.

Great suffering, or awareness of others' great suffering, in a compassionate being either conjures up great anger if that being feels disempowered to inspire change, or great compassion if that being knows their innate connection to the Creator and All That Is.

Let it be great compassion that we choose, even if briefly preluded by an initial burst of outrage and anger. Let others' and your own suffering and victimization beliefs break you open into disbelief, only to have faith in humanity once again after you process these emotions with love for self and other-self. Come back to having faith in Humanity's immediate future. Have faith against all odds, over and over again. Believe in a New Earth by--or before--2035.

The less you take a stance, the more powerful you can be of service in a balanced way.


You are Loved and Supported by the Infinite

I love you my friends, and my heart goes out to all the suffering available in this universe, and in particular on this planet. It is good to remember that although this planet seems to beg of us to recognize the suffering that abounds--suffering is ultimately a temporary illusion as much as this physical life is a temporary illusion we engage in for the sake of soul-learning.

Or as one service-to-self oriented entity once said to a service-to-others audience: "Please remember, that although we play out this earthly game on seemingly opposite sides, in between lives, we are best friends."

Without the dark, who would we be? 

That being said, it's time for a fucking change on this planet. Enough is enough; and the time is come. We are ready for transparency and the collapse of all the old structures until the new ones arise organically out of the rubble. And, we are not alone in this universe. We will receive advanced and skillful help once we have made the change internally as a species ourselves. Once we are Awake and Dedicated to a truer collective experience.

I encourage you all to be the most radiant, fearless, bold expressions of your self and your talents you know how to be, and to always feel supported by the forces of light within you and around you. You are one with the One Infinite Creator. Trust in that, and in this community of people with similar care and vision.

My love goes out to all beings. True Divine Love is non-local and omnidirectional. Thank you, dark side, for showing us what we are capable of becoming. We love you, as we love ourselves, as we love our shared Infinite Creator.


Bentinho Massaro
#NewEarth2035 #Trinfinity

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