The Dark Side Completes the Light of Our Self-Realization

"Knowledge is power." - Sir Francis Bacon

This (knowledge) can be used positively or negatively.

Vast contrast in knowledge between two entities of Creation begets teaching/learning in the positively-oriented interactions, and enslavement/secrecy in the negative encounters.

We are living in a time where the contrast between those with true information, knowledge, and technology--far beyond what we are told exists--is vaster than ever before. We are being deliberately kept in the dark.

Although those days are rapidly coming to an end, as we chaotically approach the age of transparency and enlightenment, we nevertheless HAVE to stand up by accelerating our desire for growth, true knowledge and independent clarity, and give up our addiction to being spoon-fed anything whatsoever.

There is no conquerer powerful enough to be blamed for the chosen lethargy that enables the enslaved to be conquered. The passion for change and transparency has to come from within those who consider themselves enslaved.

To agree to be intellectually and spiritually subdued--to have a lack of passion for the truth--is our own responsibility. Only we can enslave or enlighten ourselves. Those who are of the service-to-self orientation simply step in to fill the bill.

Those of negative orientation are our doorway into completion within ourselves. They show us who we have enabled ourselves to become and remind us of what we can become instead. The dark literally completes the light. Without them stepping in to fulfill the role we left wide open for them to fulfill, we will never realize our blind spots, and we will never overcome our complacency.

So, with gratitude in your heart toward the dark side, walk ever more deliberately into the light because of their reflection. Love the negative as you love the positive, and you will become untouchable in your journey. You are already beyond the good and the bad. You are All. You are the One Infinite Creator.

---Shout out to Dr. Steven Greer and Corey Goode for shedding light through their incredibly courageous work to expose how, through our complacency, we have left ourselves open to be kept in the dark in extremely elaborate ways. Knowledge is power. Now use this knowledge to enlighten yourself, and this planet. Be thirsty for the truth, and become fearless enough to embrace it with light.