The Deepest Joy: Being of Service to Others

At first, spirituality is all about the individual waking up to the deeper layers of their consciousness, and integrating these truths--both the transcendental truths, as well as the hidden, suppressed personal beliefs--until one comes into unison within one's self. Then, however, spirituality gradually, more and more, becomes all about being of service to the other-selves, which are all portions of the over-arching being that you/I/we are. In short: service-to-others.

When most of the personal doubts and separations have been resolved, there is no greater honor for the individual than to be so fully of service that he sees nothing but the One Infinite Creator interacting with itself in infinite ways through endless individuations. This state cannot be explained nor understood until experienced first-hand, but there is no greater satisfaction than to be humbly and truly of service to the All.

And I mean truly being of service: so genuinely so that you don't care if anyone is watching and noticing your service-to-others. You are being of service out of the free will and natural desire of your own heart, no matter the odds and no matter the challenges that you are faced with.

In fact, after one has gone through most of the basic elements of one's own spiritual growth, the only way to evolve even further and faster is to direct that spiritual awareness unto the rest of ones Self (aka other-selves) and commit to that so fully that one becomes even more self-transcendent in their consciousness--purified and transparent.

There is no way to describe this state of being, as it is truly transpersonal. You will reach times where there is no one else to hold your hand, no one else to show you what to do next, and you will have to reach deep into your own intuition and the goodness of your heart to come up with the right approach that you know is of service to all. 

The subtle balances of love, wisdom, confidence, tact and humility that one learns in these rapturous, as well as occasionally heart-breaking, scenarios that the soul attracts to its personality-extensions to help it evolve even further, are so intangible that no teaching except the living of it can touch upon its reality.

Make no mistake, this is the state I prepare you all for in my Trinfinity Academy and through my teachings. I might talk about attracting your dream life--and you will be able to manifest that too using these tools--but these teachings will also naturally evolve you into a shepherding consciousness, to which I can barely speak of in words.

But when the shepherding stage has fully arrived for you, we will be able to look each other in the eyes when we meet and share instant tears of gratitude and ungraspable recognition of each other's beingness, fearless heart, and journey. We will see the oneness of our vision and purpose.

There is no greater joy, no deeper honor, than to be of service to others in the most ingraspable and unprovable of ways.

May you know your utter union with the Creator through all experience and catalyst that you attract to yourself as a human today. We will meet as brothers and sister of light when the time comes for you to have passed successfully through the challenge of loneliness and misunderstanding, by committing to the true integrity of the Heart--no matter what.

The ultimate reward lies on the other side of your unconditional willingness to give ever more of yourself to those who ask for your soul to be present here on Earth. This does not mean that your own joy is excluded, but it does mean that your own joy requires you to be in alignment with service-to-others, as you will have come to the place where you see that All is your Self.

I love you more than you know.