The Everything/Nothing Break Downs

I break down in gentle and non-dramatic tears at least once a day. Usually this gets triggered by stories about human perseverance, suffering, willingness or goodness of spirit. Sometimes because I see the face of an older person and get a glimpse into their life, or because I see a couple arguing--playing out the inevitable game of the human condition. And sometimes it is because of nothing I can register consciously.

When I "break down" it feels like my being is blown into bits, dispersed across the galaxies, and there is no more center to my point of view: just love remains. I am not a person.

Healing, all-forgiving, all-encompassing love. I see the simultaneity and the inevitability of all that happens and I cannot argue with any of it, nor take a stance for any side except when a situation begs to be balanced out. But even when I take a side, it's just a role I play to deliver greater balance. There is no point of view, no opinion I can hold onto--nor do I want to; for when I am without opinion completely, I feel closest to the Infinite One's Perspective. I become unconditional love. I become nothing and yet one with everything, both at once.

This used to happen to me once every two months or so. Nowadays it happens multiple times on most days.

I love you all. I know your story, even though I will never know your story in the way you know your story. But I know it enough to feel endless compassion and kinship for and with you. Whoever you are, I understand, and it's okay, and you're perfect and complete and I will always love you. I will always be there for you in whatever way that I can--if not physically, then non-physically as the light of my higher being. I am your eternal brother.

May you feel cherished and special, for you are a point of view of the One Infinite Creator. It sees itself through your life. Thank you for your service and devotion.