The Fear of Other People's Judging Eyes

You have no responsibilities toward pleasing anyone. You have no responsibility to meet anyone else’s expectations of you. There is no valid reason, in the entirety of Existence, that you should not be the true, genuine, authentic You.

If you fear the judgment of a particular group or type of people when it comes to being more of your Authentic Self in thought, word and deed, and walking your path of highest excitement, then you are literally keeping those people and their judgments in your reality. Why? Because they are a reflection of your own lack of confidence that you are worthy of being your Authentic Self and of walking your path of highest bliss.

You are unconsciously asking them for approval. You are asking them whether following your authenticity is something you are worthy of doing and being. You place your worth in their hands. Stop that! (If you want to…)

If you suddenly decide to love those whom you fear judgment from so fully—so fully that, through loving them in your own mind instead of fearing them, you start to experience how you are, in a sense, beyond them—their judgments (which are really your own self-doubts manifested in them as judgments about you) will no longer matter to you, for you see that your own authority is higher and wiser than any of their silly minds combined.

As such, you feel more in tune again with your Authentic Higher Self, and you will experience yourself worthy of ecstasy, worthy of true love, worthy of existence within, and as, your very own being.

Then, especially if you act on your authenticity in this way, those very people simply won't appear to you anymore (or they will appear to have changed, as well, for the better), and their judgments wont reach your consciousness any longer. If they do, they are simply echoes—tests to see if you are grounded in your self-worth... the worthiness to be your own true Self.