The Impending Threshold Events of 2016-2017

Threshold events to watch for in 2016-2017 which indicate a collective shift in consciousness is rapidly speeding up:

  • MAJOR economic collapse in multiple countries.
  • Drastic changes to taxation system in the USA.
  • Federal reserve/central banking system will be exposed for the corrupt system that it truly is. People will start losing faith in current government and federal reserve systems rapidly and significantly in general, and will start seeking for alternatives.
  • Unpredictable/chaotic/disturbing events surrounding the time of the presidential election, specifically pertaining directly to the candidate(s). Possible examples: impactful disclosure events surrounding a female candidate; impeding health issues or possible death of one of the candidates.
  • Global Currency Revaluation
  • Mass disclosure/awareness of 9/11 being an inside job, which will raise tons of questions and suspicions leading into deeper and more public investigations into such matters. Which will, in time, reveal the corrupt motives of a few behind many of the policies that were put in place after the excuse of 9/11, often in the name of national security.
  • Major natural disaster that will 'shake the world awake.'
  • Major 'terrorist' attack or similar.
  • Major 'UFO' sighting that will offer humanity a chance to wake up and acknowledge it widely in the media, or to brush it off, suppress it and forget about it like it did with the 'Phoenix lights.'
  • Alien life in some form or another finally confirmed by official sources.
  • Data dump of disclosure/whistleblower type of information, most likely originating from Snowden's leaked files but could also come from other sources.
  • Partial release by NASA and/or other governmental agencies of information that reveals more space projects have been going on than we have been told about.
  • The truth about our history and genetics will be revealed, in stages, over the coming years.
  • Significant findings of past or present intelligent--and potential human--activities on Mars being disclosed (again, in stages) to the public.
  • Elon Musk's/SpaceX's plans for going to Mars will continue to pick up speed for a while and plans will continue to crystallize and gain momentum, but plans will suddenly change or deflate, or be tempered with/prevented by other organized group(s).

Based on my energy readings of our collective and information gathered from some inside sources, I estimate that 40% or more of the above bullet points will indeed occur in 2016 and/or 2017--and some more of them in the following years--and that they should be understood to mean that our collective consciousness is slowly but surely waking up and the age of transparency is rapidly approaching. 

THE SHIFT is happening NOW

There is a MASSIVE and truly significant shift underway, particularly in the powers that govern our planet's population. Whether these events and this shift in general affects you positively or negatively is up to how you choose to interpret these events (with fear and despair, or trust and love?).

Those who have learned how to look for truth beneath the surface are seeing the effects of this shift already occurring every day. These effects will become more obvious and less subtle during the remainder of this year, and throughout 2017, so that even the average joe will be forced to wake up and start making some crucial choices if they wish to 'survive', let alone to thrive.

Old Systems will Collapse, New Ones shall Arise

Another trend to watch for--and participate in--is that many alternate systems will start finding their way into the public consciousness that will help shift our collective from a secrecy-segregation based slave society, to a "by the people, for the people" type of transparent, fair-exchange, contribution-based, empowered society. 

The people will start to look for new leaders and new forms of leadership altogether as well. Become such a leader in your own way so that when the world looks for guidance and inspiration, you can become one of the pillars of this transitional age into a New Earth.

Systems such as those in the fields of economics, education, medical, history, news/media, science, astronomy, trading, government/election (though this field may take more years to show its changes), transportation, energy and more, will change and be replaced rapidly over the next 5-7 years. Some will take more time to be replaced than others.

How to be prepared for the coming changes...

A New Earth is coming for us all and we better be mentally, vibrationally, socially and spiritually ready to receive it with love, inclusiveness and empowered intelligence, or we might be kicked out of its accelerated orbit and end up in chaos and confusion in a reality we don't prefer.

On the other hand, if we are ready and we have prepared and developed ourselves--spiritually most of all--we will be able to handle these upcoming changes with a lightness and confidence in our state of being that will serve ourselves, our families and this entire civilization much like the eye of the hurricane serves as the reliable space of clarity amidst chaos.

Make some of the most important choices you can make, now, while it can still make a big difference: Choose to love, be of service to others, and trust in--and act on--your passions and excitement in the most complete way. Be all in. Live with integrity, and yes follow your dreams. Be an inspiration to yourself and consequently to others. Believe that everything is possible and that one person can change the entire world with the right amount of inspiration.

Remember, the best way to prepare for the all-pervading power shift from a negatively controlled to a positively governed planetary collective is to seek the truth within and to find the love, harmony and creative power that you, and we as a collective, truly are.

Enlighten and Empower yourself

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It is up to us to educate ourselves and each other properly in this day and age, so that we all have fair choice and free will as to how we wish to develop, prepare, and express ourselves in this crucial and transitional time into a Golden Age.

Much love to you all, my brothers and sisters of light,
Bentinho Massaro - For an Enlightened Civilization by 2035