The metaphysical evolution of our species and planet

For those of you who are interested in the metaphysical evolution of our species and planet, the following might be of interest to you. For those of you who are afraid of, or uninterested in anything having to do with the “New Age,” this may not be for you.

Congratulations, Earth! :-)

I can say that, to the very best of my knowledge, intuition, and ability to know/see, we have positively “made it.”

As always, take from this what resonates, leave what does not.

We tumultuously, but successfully, entered the new era some time ago, and have reached a place of practical certainty in our “survival.”

As I sense it/see it, our planet has—quite last-minute—been able to gain the proper lightness/strength and lovingness/strength that it needed from our collective consciousness to use this “light” to balance itself out gradually (tsunami's, hurricanes, etc., which for some time may still be going on, but will then lessen and disappear)—rather than having to go through the abrupt approach, which physically would have resulted in a complete polar shift, abruptly removing most every human physical suit. This abrupt balancing out (polar shift) was the higher probability, even as little as 20 to 30 years ago.

And yet, we averted that scenario. It's quite amazing to see.

Our planet's magnetic orientation has been properly realigned to be able to “receive” and develop in the the denser-with-life vibrations that are part of our planet's next major cycle in the cosmic clock-work dance, without needing to shift poles.

This is real reason for celebration and permitting yourself to feel a profoundly humble joy with the big wide smile on your face that comes after an extremely intense mission was—against all odds—accomplished successfully, through the cooperation of many.

Thanks to all who came here last-minute, and who are here now in this transitional period to be their Light; to raise up the collective with their spirit-energy simply by being here.

Thanks to you, and to the rest of our brothers and sisters, we worked hard and faced a lot in order to enable this gradual transition to succeed, offering those who need a little extra length of “time” in the physical embodiment to make more use of this catalyst/experience, in order to come to their nexus of Choice; to ripen enough to face and pass "graduation time" and move on to the next era of evolution.

Planet Earth, and this collective human race, thanks all who sacrificed what they did to remember—and to be more of their True Selves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The game is not over, however, and for each of us individually, the choice still remains. Our transition time has been extended. Your time in the physical has not been abruptly ended so that you can “live out your days” and further increase your ability to channel and “handle” the Light of Love; to choose the type of consciousness you wish to carry in your heart during this birthing of the New Earth, and to choose, with greater clarity, the type of reality you wish to experience for your upcoming cycle(s).

I speak somewhat vaguely because confusion with this type of information is good and must be preserved. Mystery is inspirational, motivational, and engages the being, whereas total disclosure takes away some of the lessons we want to learn, which could lead to procrastination or “less intensity.”

But I feel I can safely share what I have shared so far in this message, which is that you, brothers and sisters of Earth, may feel truly elated and successful, in regards to the bigger mission that you are all, consciously or unconsciously, a part of and affected by—for a great victory has been made in recent years.

In the past three decades, together (with a lot of last-minute help) we have been able to soothe and ease this transformational process, and therefore, offer more portions of the One Infinite Creator a chance to graduate by extending their time in this incarnation, as part of the very last stage of the old 3rd Density cycle.

Those portions of Creation are yourself and your neighbors on this planet.

The work is not yet done, however. There are many who still need your lightness, your heart-frequency, your love, and your guidance—much like survivors of a hurricane need helicopter support, food, water, care, prayers, love, and light.

This “need for love/light/guidance” still includes yourself, to varying degrees, awakened as you might already be. Stay humble—not unworthy, but humble and true—and include yourself in your love. Keep expanding and learning.

Give information only when asked, or when organically called forth, but listen to your heart and open up to serve your brothers and sisters at every opportunity. For this is why many of you intended to be here at this time: to experience a global transition from the age of self-consciousness and forgetfulness, to that of Love, the Open Heart, and the beginnings of Understanding.

So, my friends, open your Hearts as wide as you can. Know that everyone you meet is an extension, another expression, of the One you owe your existence to. See the Infinite One in everyone, in everything, and allow yourself to feel confident deep-down that you've “made it.” Yet continue to expand by sharing this Light with others as you live by example, by free choice, and by love.

Congratulations all! This is more than exciting to me, and to so many of us. This has been, and still is, an epic gathering of energies, of history, of present and future, and of beings. May you all be shepherds in your own way. May you all always remember that you are teachers and learners.

Love and gratitude—the utmost gratitude—for you and your courage. You are the brave ones. You are the lucky ones. You are the privileged ones. You are the praised ones. You are the humble servants of Infinity, of Love. And now it is time to enjoy your bounties, as well as to continue and expand in your service to others.


The Immediate Future

Less and less will you suffer, and more and more will you see the fruits of your bravery, of your foolhardiness as a spirit—both in your individual lives, as well as in the collective you are a part of, or have chosen to be a part of at this particular timing.

Welcome to our gorgeous—recovering and beginning—4th Density planet/collective. This is the density of Love. The darkest center of the tunnel is behind us, and we are approaching the light end of the tunnel swiftly, illuminating more and more of ourselves as we get closer.

Yes, some debris may be need to be cleaned up. Some dark parts may still scare you at times, and you might even temporarily stumble and fall, but now at least you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and so you will never truly get lost again. It is impossible.

Have faith and you will see more clearly by the day.


In the long run…

Secrets shall be common knowledge, walls shall crumble and fall, veils shall be lifted, and all shall come to the light and be known.

Those brothers and sisters of Earth who can handle enough of the openness of the Love-vibration—which is increasing in intensity—to “graduate” and inhabit the New Earth shall gradually become one unified Consciousness. Each will have access to each others' consciousness to differing degrees at first, as the veils of separation and forgetfulness are exhausted in this transitional time of this transformational shift.

This unification will take quite some time to develop, and will most likely not be fully established before you are done with this life, but it has already started, and you can enhance your experience of this by opening up to it.

Individuals are starting to become group consciousnesses. If you feel a strong pull to live in or with community or close friends, may I suggest that you find a way to honor that desire, as it will accelerate your learning and the opening up of yourself and the lifting of the veils. This desire is natural.

Find support and offer support. Be together. The age of loneliness is washing away rapidly. Come out of your isolated closets. It is no longer unsafe outside of your home. Now, everywhere is your home and everyone is your family. 

This unification has been going on slowly for some time, and now it is happening more rapidly. Look closely at your relationships—notice how they are changing, how you can feel more and more precisely beyond people's supposed walls and barriers.

It is as if everyone is becoming more psychic, more intuitive, better mind-readers. This is not necessarily so, it is simply that the veils start disappearing as the frequency of our light/matter increases.

Brick walls turn into glass windows, and soon there is nowhere left to hide from the rest of yourself, from your other-selves. This might seem scary, but it will happen gradually so you have a chance to get used to it. Make an intention to get used to it; make an intention to open up more, to integrate your repressed parts so you may become a whole being once again.

See if you can consciously sense the heightened frequency of the light/matter that makes up our seemingly physical universe. Haven’t you noticed that your environment seems more vibrant, more “in your face” and “lucid,” especially over the course of the last four years? Are you seeing sparkles in the sky? Energy phenomena? Auras? Do the objects in your room seem more illusory, like you could just put your hand through them, as if they were holograms?

This, and so much more, will continue to accelerate in expansion and transparency until physicality is not quite as “physical” anymore.

In recent years, this light/matter (for matter is nothing but light ) has been developing into a new density—hence the light/matter that makes up your body and your environment can be felt and seen to continually increase in its ability to “hold” and channel higher vibratory light, much like a completely clear crystal can hold and channel more light than a faded, distorted crystal.

Just as increased exposure to sunlight changes the color of your skin, so too does the increased exposure to higher vibratory light change everything that this light manifests, and it manifests literally everything we know as form and matter; hence no stone is left unturned. All of our perceived world, and everything in its sphere, will receive this upgrade.


Feeling whacky yet? It's OK...

This rise in vibration has been causing a lot of hidden and repressed mental and emotional processes to surface. This is because, in this higher frequency of matter (as well as our metaphysical matter), the veils that were used to separate certain portions of your consciousness and hide them from other parts of your consciousness are starting to disappear. You are forced to know all of yourself, your subconscious and unconscious. You must remember all of your persona, the light and the dark, and assimilate/integrate/welcome this into balance, into harmony, into consciousness.

Be of the attitude of Love as much as you can, and all shall be just fine. Do not be afraid, for if you couldn't handle facing yourself, you wouldn't be here to experience it.

You got your money's worth—this is quite the ride, and it's no surprise to you. Not really. So embrace what you came here to experience!

The physical Earth environment and its mind-body-spirit beings are starting to become as transparent, intuitively, as water is to you now. We are at the beginning stages of a lived oneness in consciousness between the body-mind-spirit beings of this sphere.

This is very, very exciting.