The Next Level is Live!

Bentinho’s Newest Offering: The Next Level

"Prepare to dive deep into yourselves, leave no stone unturned and emerge victorious in your quest for ever-expanding joy and oneness with the Creator and its Creation, increased will power and surrender, greatly deepened self-realization, limitless living, unconditional love for self and other-self and a purposeful life in service to the whole.

Prepare to never be bound to the same boring fictitious character again, and become significantly more embodied in who and what you actually are. Your Infinite Potential awaits your activation!"

~ Bentinho

We are extremely happy to announce that Bentinho's latest and only recent series of in-person teachings—held entirely in private for a small group only—is finally available to you and the rest of our committed community!

The Next Level — Dialogues with the Highly Committed is part of Trinfinity's revamped Civilization Upgraders platform. We launched the The Next Level program, as well as the new Civilization Upgraders website, on August 19, 2019.

The program consists of weekly audio (and some video) recordings of Bentinho meeting with a small group of committed students, often addressing very personal topics in-depth, in a way you can apply to your own life. Topics range from hands-on leadership training, to self-examination at the subtlest levels, to profound guided meditations into the I AM state and the Absolute.

The Next Level is a radically honest and direct series of evolving dialogues, designed to bring about a permanent shift in identity by coming at you from all angles with deep love and piercing wisdom. The weekly recordings generate momentum in the listener in the direction of the 'perpetual renewal of self', inspiring you to constantly enter into your own unique next level realization and actualization. Say goodbye to stagnation, and hello to super accelerated living and being.

We wanted to keep the price extra accessible for this program, so we priced the subscription at 99 Euros per month, an amount we feel just about everyone can afford.

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