The Power of Alignment

When you are fully in alignment with yourself, your overarching dream, and your sense of purpose, you become so powerful in your presence that things change around you effortlessly all the time—even against the logical odds and rules of “reality.”

When you are not in the transcendent power of knowing that you are the Creator of your experience, “being realistic” means that you look at your circumstances to determine what is true, how you should feel, and what is possible for you.

When you are fully in your power and you know you are the creator of your experience, “being realistic” means you believe that everything changes in accordance with your changes in state-of-being. You now only use circumstances to understand what you truly desire, and therefore, every time you run into something undesirable, you unravel more of who you came here to be; you stand more clearly in your truth. You are empowered.

By simply focusing on what it is you desire and dream of, and by being in alignment with your true frequency in that way (by not feeling unworthy of this power), you no longer feel disempowered by any circumstance.

When you are in alignment, you decide what it will be, and you know without a doubt that it shall become exactly that, somehow. Why? Because you are the creator of your reality; there is no question about it. You might not understand every nuance of this process yet, but there is no doubt that you are somehow choosing your experiences and attracting what you are exuding.

Alignment is a power and a happiness you can't buy anywhere, but it is a power and a happiness that can “buy you anything you want,” and get you anywhere you want to be.

Be happy and feel powerful first. Then the world is no longer your obstacle, but your best friend.