'The Sedona Experiment' begins...

What is 'The Sedona Experiment'?

12 experienced adepts for 2 weeks long will receive highly advanced pointers into the Universal Self and finally the Absolute One and report back constantly to help improve the upcoming Self Realization and Self Graduation teachings.

The Sedona Experiment's intention: To advance the most advanced level of spiritual teachings currently available and not yet available, so that the sincere and mature seekers of this world may get access to instructions worthy of their immense desire for liberation.

How to fulfill this intention: By gathering as much experiential feedback as possible from a select group of participants who are willingly subjected to advanced experimental methods and practices.

The goal of such a next-level teaching modality: To eliminate as much time and need for practice as is possible while still enabling the sincere spiritual adept to move holistically and completely from personhood identity (the lowest state) to the Absolute One (the highest, stateless state), bypassing or penetrating as rapidly as possible all the many states of realization in between. 

Note: The aim is not to avoid practice, discipline or dedication, rather the aim is to make the path as clear as possible, and as such as direct (time/energy-efficient) as possible. 

The different states:

One way to summarize these 'states of Delusion/Realization' would be:

One who perceives a world full of objects is a person.
One who can recognize the changeless I AM is awake.
One who has become the changeless I AM predominantly is enlightened.
One who witnesses the individual I AM free from identification with it is Self-Realized (I-I).
One who knows the Absolute whence Awareness witnesses the I AM, yet is not identified with even this faculty of Pure Universal Awareness/Beingness, has Self-Graduated.

The Sedona Experiment aims to generate direct contact in the participants with the Self-Realization and Self-Graduation 'states'.

The Format

Who: 12 experienced disciples (yet all at slightly different levels) have agreed to come together and be subjected to the most subtle and advanced nuances and practices available to date.

What: They will explore and practice teachings (ways of pointing) that have not yet been fully tested or released before. These include profoundly powerful practices that are either innovations on, or new additions to an already super-distilled host of the most precise and core non-dual teachings as found in the brief and--respectfully--immature history of spiritual teachings on this planet.

For how long: For 2 weeks these willing adepts will represent the sincere and mature spiritual seekers of this planet as they commit themselves to a host of different instructions. 

Where: The Sedona landscape/area/vortex.

And so today, on April 13 of 2017, we begin.

Be with us in your consciousness these two weeks and connect to the liberation and intensity that will radiate from this experiment.

Will this be documented?

A mini-documentary will be created to give people a glimpse of what it looked and felt like through visuals. 

More importantly: we will record as much of this experiment as we can on audio, which will be transcribed and then turned into a case study/documentary in writing with an added narrative to engage the reader on all levels.

Cory Katuna, a talented and observant writer who has been a dear friend and student of 'my' work for several years--and who herself is one of the 12--has offered with a deep sense of calling to add the narrative and structure to this comprehensive case study.

In addition to her narrative and my clarifications post-experiment, this 'written documentary' will include the most deciding portions of the actual sessions and dialogues as well as follow the personal/impersonal journey of the participants as they go about their 2 week exploration into the Absolute Realization. Interviews of the 12 will be included as part of this narrated case-study as well.

The purpose of creating this document, titled unsurprisingly 'The Sedona Experiment' is to leave a digestible report of a potentially historic moment in the world of direct, advanced, non-dual spiritual instruction. I felt it was important to document this event and leave a trace in order to provide people with a detailed report of the experiment.

The May 1-5 retreat in Sedona shortly after the Sedona Experiment ends will prove itself to be a continuation of this experiment to a much wider audience, and will cater to aspirants from many different levels in their Realization. If you feel the call toward this you can still register.

New Platform to create Ongoing Teaching Environment

Also, our new online platform for the upcoming Self Realization School meetings in Sedona is 1-2 days away from being made officially available to the public (it also includes a lot of the more accessible teachings, past recordings). But I feel the pull to include it here, now.

So, you can join this new platform already, even while we make the final small tweaks over the next two days. This is quite spontaneously the first (un)official announcement of this platform, so if you join, be sure to visit the forum section and leave a post to help kickstart the community aspect of this dedicated platform.

Also, if interested in visiting Sedona at least twice a year to come be with the teachings, consider joining our Sedona Adepts Facebook group

To be continued...